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Teachers Wanted Free Teacher Certification Replay

In case you missed it, the following is the replay of the event that streamed online. Feel free to like and share it, as we are honoring all students who attend online and we will run this event throughout the COVID-19 lockdown. For those who are staying home and staying safe, this is a good opportunity to get your free teacher certification.

Free teaching certificate awarded to attendees of the Free Teacher Certification Program which includes discovering and monetizing your purpose, message, passion, and mission in life. In this one-day intensive seminar you will learn how to start teaching others using your unique skills and abilities, and training you’ve received from the university of life to help and train others as no one else can. Squash your inner critic, help and lead people who need to hear from you, empowered by this free trainer certification. Learn how to train others by attending this free instructor certification event. Credits earned via St. Paul’s Free University.


Free and welcome to all comers.

Click here: to view the replay.

After you’ve attended the event, click here: to earn your credits for attending and receive your Free Teaching Certificate.

About the event:


You might be surprised to discover at this event that you are more qualified than an ivy league graduate to teach. Discover why you are so qualified and learn what sets you apart from other classically-trained instructors, and come to realize that this, your accepting your call to train and help others may be a part of your life’s journey, and could be a part, if not the main reason, for you’re being here, your purpose in this life. If so, your life will not make sense until you embrace your teaching mission.


Quite the contrary. No formal training necessary. You’ve received your training from a higher source. You’ve been in the trenches. You know what it’s like to look the devil in the eye and find a way to survive in spite of the odds that may have been stacked against you. Experience is necessary. In fact, it is your unique experience and perspective which is invaluable and cannot be taught in any school.


In this event, we are going to help you discover and embrace your message, and honor the life which has pre-qualified you for this sacred work. We believe that you have come here to this earth with a special message, unique unto you, and we are here to help you begin to understand how to interpret all the details that have helped train you for this type of work.


We are here to certify that you are uniquely qualified to share your message and to help others through your teaching, training, and understanding of the material which is about you, the life you’ve lived, and the blessing you can bring to others. You will realize that what looked like chaos, tragedy, and trauma, in the past was all divinely orchestrated to bring you here, to this time and place, where you start supporting others, your community, and the world, as only you can.


Being intuitive is becoming more accepted than before. It no longer carries with it the stigma of being “out there” or seen as pure hogwash of the superstitious and flighty personas. Instead, it’s seen as a valuable asset that helps, protects, and guides us. Learn how to harness your intuition and how it can improve all areas of your life!


Learn from a top mystical instructor how you can monetize your special gifts and abilities and teach others, empowering them to take your message to the masses. Learn how she discovered her gifts and abilities, and took charge of her life, and offer assistance and healing to others in need. Duplicate yourself by multiplying your efforts, and make the world a better place.


Understanding student’s learning styles helps tailor your teaching so that students can get it. As you learn about the different intelligences and the many models of learning styles, you will be able to cater to each student’s individual needs, as you go.


At St. Paul’s Free University, we specialize in making you the master of your story, your life, and your message by making you an expert in your field. We will give you the tools to become an expert in your field. Get the Be an Expert in Your Field Blueprint. Following this event, you will have everything you need to be recognized as an expert in your field.


St. Paul’s Free University is looking for new instructors, like you. At this event, you can meet the team and let us know if you would like to join the team.

Your Instructors for this Teachers Wanted Free Teacher Certification Program

Amy Elmore, Lolo Lesser, Rosa M Luna, David M Masters

The Olympia Center, 222 Columbia St NW RM 200, Olympia

Soulmate Wizard Course

Are you tired of crashing from one heartbreaking relationship to the next?  Or on the brink of giving up completely?   

Yet something deep in your Soul keeps shouting “Don’t give up!  I don’t want to live out my life ALONE!!!! 

I know your pain… 

Time-after-time I threw myself heart, mind and soul into relationships that were supposed to be my happily-ever-after. Again and again called it quits.  

I realized my dysfunctional relationships were mirroring my childhood family dynamics.  I saw how persistently I re-created my Mom or Dad in relationships. 

finally got that I was the common denominator—I was the problem in each relationship—not him! 

I knew I had to stop the obsessive search for my Prince and go deep within.  I began to ask:   

What is real Love?  How do I feel loved?  How do I choose to love another?   

I invested 25 years and tens of thousands in therapy, support groups and workshops.  I worked on myself relentlessly. 

And then it finally happened. 

I met my Soulmate. 

He saw me and he wanted me. 

He saw the monumental internal work I had done.   

He saw how I had turned every disabling childhood challenge into the gold of wisdomhood. 

I didn’t need the right dating profile, the right words, the right dress and makeup. 

All he wanted was authentic me! 

We are married 5 years now and our love deepens every day. 

I have my full voice.  I reveal everything and am completely loved and accepted.   

Not only am I free to say what I like or don’t like but if something is important to me, it’s important to him! 

He knows me intimately because he also has walked the difficult path.  He has also done his internal work—over 30 years and over $100,000 invested. 

He and I are in complete alignment.  We share a common foundation that includes everyone having their soulmate because... 

Being with your soulmate is not only the biggest delight this world has to offerbut also sure path to transforming all the discord and violence in this world to unsurpassed levels of love. 

We want you to be part of this vision. 

We want you to experience the absolute delight of being with YOUR Soulmate NOW. 

We don’t want you to wait decades and spend tens of thousands of dollars like we did. 

We don’t want you to spend sleepless nights alone wondering. 

My husband and I have combined all our Love, Power and Wisdom.  Whave condensed everything we learned and experienced about love, soulmates and transformationfrom before we met and the past 5 years of wedded Soulmate bliss together into a8-week Soulmate Wizard program 

…So You Can Have YOUR Soulmate Now! 

The moment you enroll, you will immediately start to enjoy the deep feelings of Love and Joy of being with your Soulmate. 

How can we make such a promise? 

Because on Day 1 of Soulmate Wizards you start with Soulmate ‘buddy’. You can choose to either enroll a personal friend in the course with you or we will match you with another Soulmate Wizard-in-training. 


Every dayyou will enjoy 15 minutes with your Soul-bud on the phone or in person practicing… 

  • Gratitudes 
  • Acknowledgments 
  • Love Languaging 
  • Releasing Techniques 
  • List Building 
  • Visualizations 

Every day, you will deepen your experience of being seen, heard, understood, acknowledged, treasured… 

As you progress, you 


  • You will get to know yourself deeper than you have ever experienced. 
  • You will discover the hidden subliminal messages running in your subconscious mind that Sabotage your love life.   
  • You will update your outdated-love-formula with the latest Soulmate-Wizard ingredients including… 
  • Gratitudes for relationships that did not work out 
  • Acknowledgements of what a great catch you truly are 
  • Love Languages and why you didn’t feel loved by your ex 
  • Hot Dates with yourself to discover what an amazing Soulmate, you are 
  • Alignment and Inner Peace Secrets 
  • Spiritual Growth Boosters including the knowledge of how much grander you are than just your body 
  • You will identify sabotaging beliefs and pull them out by the roots 
  • You will experience, greater expansion and JOY. 

And not only will you have daily support from your Soul buddy, but you will also have the backing of two aligned, married, loving, powerful Soulmate Wizards who totally walk their talk. 

We will guide you through 

  • Weekly coaching calls (see the curriculum below) 
  • Online Guided Meditations to release past painful relationships and joyously creatyour Soulmate-to-be. 
  • A Private Facebook Group where you will feel more free than you ever have to share with other Soulmate Wizards the depths of your soul safely and with honor. 

Every day from the moment you enroll in Soulmate Wizards, you will bathe in the delightful joy of Soulmate Love, even if your Soulmate does not manifest until after the course is complete. 

So how will this love/power/wisdom packed course guide you over the next 8 weeks? 

In Week 1you will learn… 

Gratitudes for every relationship you have ever experienced.  We give you tools to mine the gold from each past relationship, no matter how painful or how ‘badly’ it ended. 

Acknowledgments of Yourself and others.  You will turn every challenge into an acknowledgment, gearing you for living in your power, no matter what struggles you have experienced!  

You will create an Altar.  Altars have a powerful morphogenic field as they have been around for thousands of years.  Altars creates a Space to focus your intentions and are far more powerful than a vision board.   

You will get a clear map of the steps you must take in order to manifest your soulmate 

The clearest understanding ever of who we are, why we are here and why you have the life you do right now. 

A foundation for complete peace in your life regarding everything that has happened to you and everything that you have done to others 

A glimpse of your true power to create anything in your life 

The start of your knowing that you are deeply loved no matter what… 

The beginnings of deep trust in yourself and your ability to create your life 

The freedom to explore your life without fear, guilt, shame or pain 

In WEEK 2, you will learn 

The 5 Love Languages.  The biggest challenge that we all face in our relationships is feeling loved.  If you have a different love language than your partner and you are not practiced in love languagesyour relationship will suffer. 

When you know and give each other’s love language, you feel completely loved, cherished and treasured, WOW! BOOM! SHAZAM! 

This formula creates fulfilling relationships where you both feel totally loved in the way that you need.  You receive it fullythat’s delicious union!  

In Week 3you will achieve Peace with your Body (OH YES!) 

We’ll clean up issues over Appearance, Fat, Pain  and Food. 

What do you see when you look in the mirror?  If you’re like me, your eyes may travel right to a place of extra fat, perhaps around your belly.  When you sit down on the toilet how much flesh falls over your lap?  What voices do you hear when you see the extra pounds?   

You may think you’re the only one who can hear your self-talk.  But when you meet someone who piques your interest, your self-talk is evident in your energy field.   

In this module, you will look at your body through the lens of Self-Love. 

You will notice the voices of self-criticism.   

You will seek the true voice of love you wish to hear. 

You will lavish yourself with praise, gratitude and acknowledgements. 

This is a big topic for us women.  We will dive deep into Self-Love of these amazing bodies!  

In Week 4 you will achieve Peace with your Thoughts and Emotions. 

We will do Inner Child Work.  We will take you through a Guided Meditation where you will find your inner child hiding.  Through listening to what your inner child has always needed from you, we will complete all the unfinished business of your past.   

The persona that we call our Saboteur is really our inner child, screaming to get her needs met.  If we persistently try to silence her, push her down, drown her out—she merely gets more and more furious with us.   

This work takes courage yet is so worth it.  When you connect with this aspect of yourselfthere is a completion that is Soul Deep.   

Your inner world will begin to settle down.  You will feel a calm after the storm within your core.   There is nothing like it.  Being at peace with your past is nothing less than a Miracle!  

We will tackle emotions such as Anger, Sadness, Depression, Hopelessness. 

All your emotions will be heard and embraced. You will feel honored for having your emotions.  Your Soulmate Wizards have no problem embracing all of you as you are right now.  By the end of your Course, You will embrace ALL of YOU!  

In Week 5, you will achieve peace with Your Personal History and Spirituality. 

You will learn how what you believe creates your reality.  We will dive into the depths of your root beliefs.  We will get to the core of how Victim and Villain games are set up. 

You will see behind the curtain of your heartbreak games.  You will understand how past relationship gave you more insights into yourself than you could have ever done alone. 

Once seen, these games will be cleared from your energetic space and replaced with games that empower you and magnetize you and your Soulmate. 

You will do Shadow Work with Power Paradigms.  Our biggest challenge to being powerful is owning how we have abused power in our past.  You will conquer your fear of owning your inner Villain!  

You will get your “NO”!  We have been conditioned to believe that “NO” is not allowed!  Did you ever get in trouble for yelling “NO” to your parents?  

Your “NO” is essential in self-love and selfcare.  You can’t give a full hearted “YES” if you don’t have your “NO”.   We will give you the keys to unleash your “NO” so you can fully power-up your “YES!” 

Week 6:Commanding Your Future 

You are a magnificent creature.  You have powers you have not yet tapped into.  If your life is not humming along in complete JOY 24/7/365, then you have not fully owned your GREATNESS.   

Being in JOY is your natural state.  Once you fully align with the greatest version of youlife will become your playground, plain and simple.  Our time together will leave you astounded by the wonder that you are!  

Meditation: Meet Your Higher Self.  Your higher self  has always been with you.  When you meet yourself in this guided meditation, you will get clarity on what your next steps are, insights that will give you a view of your life that makes so much sense.  Your Higher Self is you, with all the “shift” out of the way!  

Activity: Hot Dates with Self. 

Imagine being the ideal date for yourself.  All the wonderful places you imagine your Beloved will take you, you don’t have to wait!  You get to experience all that right now!   

You will take yourself to the finest restaurants, beautiful hikes in nature, movies, sky dive, learn to fly a plane or write that book you have always wanted to write, everything that you put off while waiting for your Prince to show up!  

Week 7: Getting Your List  

You will Creatyour List by going through all that you did not want in your past relationships.  The Gold in those past relationships is discovering what you want through experiencing what you “don’t want”.  Your list can grow from here.  Your Soulmate Wizards will give you guidance on creating your “don’t wants“ and your “do wants” list.  

Creating Your Soulmate to exist. 

Here is the magical ingredient.  Even if your Soulmate does not yet exist, you will learn how to Create your Soulmate into existence. That’s rightYou are that powerful!  

Hanging out at the right places— hanging out at the bar, gyms, coffee shops or church may not be working for you. When you find your list of what you really want in a partner, you need to know where he can be found.  It may not be where you’ve been yet. 

Going for it— When Mark saw me, he gathered up all his courage and marched right up to me.  He claimed me!  This is what we call “Going for it!” You will get what it takes to have the Courage of a Lion!  

Week 8: Soulmate Wizard-Level Interactions 

In Soul-Level Communication, you get each other intimately, with no barriers between each other.  Nothing you say will ever be used against you.  Your vulnerability is cherished and honored.  You are witnessed, embraced and understood completely.  There is no greater experience than to be loved in your totality.  These  

Soulmate-level communications keys will turn your Soulmate-to-be relationship into an ever expanding honeymoon of love and appreciation. 

Your two Soulmate Wizard Guides through this 8-week exploration of ever deepening Love and Empowerment are Mark Siedler and Lynetta Avery. 

Mark grew up in a strongly dysfunctional family.  Not wanting to repeat the mistakes of his parents, he delayed marriage until his early 30s.   

He married a woman who had undisclosed trauma, even to herself.  Over 21 years, love waned and bitterness took its place.  He tried to make it work’ for the sake of his son, but finally realized his former wife was not his equal in owning her own ‘shift’ instead of relentlessly pointing the finger at him for unhappiness in her life. 

He had two shorter-term relationships with women who were closer to what he wanted but knew in his soul that a relationship could be so much more.   

Before he met Lynetta, he declared to the universe that he wanted a woman who was both loving and powerful.  He had never experienced this in relationship with a woman but decided he would have it. 

Two months later, he met Lynetta and for 5 years now, delights in marriage with a woman who is full of Love, Power and Wisdom. 

Lynetta’s extreme family dysfunction provided no healthy relationship models and she endured heartbreaking relationship crashes including 3 previous marriages.   

Lynetta turned her Heartbreaks and Failures’ into first-hand expertise.  No matter how many times she was devastated by heartbreak, she always got back up and never gave up on love.   

She found transformational tools and workshops that gave her the tools to master relationships.  She met her Beloved, Mark at one such workshop.   

All her past ‘failures’ had prepped her list of everything she must have in a relationship and none of what she doesn’t want. 

Mark and Lynetta are fully aligned as a couple and share a common vision.  They want to create a world where everyone is loved with a love that is authentic, vulnerable and intimate.   

To that end, they share everything they know and have experienced.  No questions are off-limits; no details are too intimate to share with you.  This is what Soulmate-Level Relationships are all about. 

The price of admission into Juicy, Authentic Soul Partnership is to look at your life and do your inner transformation. 

You will have our full support and the support of other Soulmate Wizards who have walked this path… 

Ready to take the next step in your journey? 

You’re off to Great Places! 

Today is your day! 

Your Soulmate is waiting.   

So get on your way! 


Your Soulmate is waiting on you 


Course Cost: $1,200.00 for 8-week live course


Your instructors are Mark Siedler and Lynetta Avery.





Reiki Certification Course

Did you know that Reiki is a growing energy-healing therapy that is now being used in hospitals around the world? Patients who receive Reiki prior to having medical procedures are reported to have easier and quicker recovery time. Many hospitals and medical clinics, not only in Europe but in parts of the US, have a variety of healing touch practitioners located within the facilities. Reiki can be used to both treat hospice patients as well as the health care workers and family members, to ease the patient and restore healthfulness and used as a form of self-care for the health care worker/family member.

Also, you can use Reiki on not just people, but animals, plants, even your home? Are you interested in opening your own unique Reiki practice? Or perhaps adding an additional modality to your existing practice whether it’s massage, yoga, therapy, pet grooming, aromatherapy, healing therapies, meditation, etc. The possibilities are as limitless as your imagination. This universal energy healing modality can be used alongside modern medicine to improve mental health, heart health, pain relief, and emotional trauma recovery just to name a few.

Reiki: Rei means universal and ki means life energy. This universal life force energy flow is an ancient Eastern energy healing therapy and was at one time only available in Japan (practiced only by Japanese practitioners) and taught only to a select minority who were required study and practice for years under their masters before getting their first attunement to practice on their own. Even the symbols of Reiki were secretive and forbidden to write down or share with anyone outside Reiki circles. Fortunately for us today Reiki has made its way to the States and around the world becoming accessible and affordable to all.

In this Reiki course you will learn:

• Reiki History
• Who is Mikao Usui
• Other Reiki Styles
• Reiki Principles
• Levels of Reiki, I, II, III
• Reiki hand positions
• Reiki Symbols and how to use them
• How to give Reiki treatments
• How to incorporate Reiki into other practices
• How to use Reiki in your daily life
• Reiki benefits
• Tools and techniques
• Receive Reiki 1 attunement

While Reiki is a growing therapy practice used to help others on their healing journey, that doesn’t mean that one has to study and practice Reiki for the purpose of going into business and becoming a professional practitioner. You can take this class for your own personal improvement and development. Reiki can be practiced for your self-care and personal use: charge your water and meals to raise the vibration and vitality, send Reiki to your wallet, workspace and vision boards to encourage success for financial and personal goals. You can also use Reiki on your home, bed, and car to dispel negative energy and set protective barriers. If your family members or pets are not feeling well you can give them a Reiki treatment to open the flow of this amazing universal healing energy. Reiki can be used to ease anxiety and stress, aches and pains; it boosts relaxation and restores emotional well-being just to name a few benefits.

Instructor: Amy Elmore


Healing Crystal Therapy

Just about every culture on every landmass in the world has had at one time (past and present) a belief in the power of crystals, gems, and stones. Whether it’s healing power, mystical psychic power, or used to conduct and focus power, crystals have held a place of reverence, mystery, and awe in both the mind of modern and primitive humankind. These beautiful gems have been used for a variety of reasons both mundane and spiritual, everything from tools, jewelry to talisman and amulets. The history of Crystals can be fascinating and mysterious in regards to the Emerald Tablet, the Breastplate of Aaron in the bible, the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skulls, to the more modern metaphysical beliefs in witch-craft such as crystal ball gazing, cord-cutting, wands, and pendulums.

Today we use crystals as tools for cutting, lasers, solar cells, semiconductors to name a few. While the western world may use diamonds in engagement and wedding rings, this wasn’t always the case, different stones/crystals/gems held differing spiritual properties thought to enhance human virtues. For example, in India men would give their betrothed moonstone believing it held qualities of fidelity and aroused passion. Rose quartz is believed to enhance one’s love and affections while also having the power to heal broken hearts. Jet has been worn as a protective amulet and is also thought to have purifying and healing powers for those grieving.

By learning the healing properties of Crystals, you can put to use that knowledge to improve your life on many levels as well as helping others. Many of those believing in the power of natural gems have put together a combination of stones for protective pouches while traveling, dispelling negativity, shielding themselves around energy vampires in the workplace, manifesting their personal/professional goals, and even gridding their homes for security, peace, and harmony. Many even enjoy charging their water with the essence of their favorite crystal to enhance beauty and vitality.

If you’re already a practitioner, add this healing modality to your practice to expand and improve your services. Crystals can be used to enhance your Tarot readings helping you to connect to your spirit guides, clear energy after readings and to boost and strengthen your third eye. Crystals are also known to help balance your Chakra centers; learn which crystals work best to strengthen and heal your Chakras from Root to Crown for yourself and/or your clients. Some Aromatherapists like to create their own blends and place a small crystal in the bottle to further charge the oils with added spiritual properties.

In this course, we’ll be covering the following:

• Cultural History
• Finding Ethically Sourced Crystals
• How Crystals can help you
• Crystal Profiles
• Colors and Uses for your Charkas
• How to combine Crystals with other healing modalities
• Crystal Gridding & Beginner’s Kit
• Using Crystals to Heal/Balance/Infuse
• How to Cleanse and Care for you Crystals
• Talismans and Amulets
• Empaths and Crystals
• Crystal Jewelry/Wands/Pendulum
• Metaphysical Properties
• Myths and Legends surrounding Crystals
• And more…

Instructor: Amy Elmore


Digital Marketing

Become proficient in online advertising to develop and expand your business whether you’re a small brick-and-mortar or solely-online retail. Learn important tips and tools to make your brand unique and memorable. Discover new ideas to drive more traffic to your website and ways to build and increase your email list.

Plug-ins, Widgets, and Chrome Expansions, oh my! Are you a little shy and intimidated by technology? Make friends with FREE and user-friendly technical tools provided by Google and most web-hosts. Find easy-to-use tools that will help you write better content.

Or perhaps you’re looking to build up your CV with career-boosting skills you can confidently add to your resume. By learning Digital Marketing you can also take your knowledge and create a side-hustle business to bridge the gap in your budget or finance your dream vacation, expand your retirement account, finally get debt-free, or better yet, financially independent. Who knows you may even quit your 9-5 and go full-time free-lancer.

This course is perfect for beginners in the world of digital marketing or perhaps trying to launch a business, blog, or website for the first time. In this course, you will learn step-by-step, mastering profitable skills and techniques to raise your online visibility.

We’ll be covering the following:

• Build a website from scratch
• Define and understand SEO, SEM, PPC & CPC, etc
• Content Marketing
• Influencer Marketing
• Social Media Marketing
• Email Champagning & direct marketing
• Affiliate Ads
• Google Ads
• Analytic tools
• Website plugins & Widgets
• Copywriting
• Chrome Extensions
• Building your Brand
• Video Advertising
• And More…

Whether you’re a business owner, entrepreneur, social media influencer, blogger or an employee looking to add viable skill sets to your resume, learning Digital Marketing will give you a competitive edge in this ever-increasing digital age. As an employee, you can be a valuable asset to your company.

Here are a few reasons why it’s incredibly important to learn and master Digital Marketing:

More searches are taking place on personal mobile devices than PCs-Google

Influencer marketing has become a billion-dollar industry and climbing

Over 50% of Marketing budgets are spent on digital marketing

Video content ads are rapidly outselling than traditional articles

Social media and digital marketing budgets are increasing yearly

People are spending more time online than watching TV

More online customers are shopping and purchasing on their mobile devices

Unless your website is mobile and multi-device user-friendly, you’ll risk losing online traffic and potential buyers and clients. If you want to take control of your online presence, brand, blog, business without relying on high-cost web designers at the mercy of their schedule, take this comprehensive user-friendly Digital Marketing course. Enjoy the freedom of knowledge offers us all to grow, improve, and be independent.

Digital Marketing isn’t just about digital billboards, advertising, or SEOs; it’s about building and establishing a relationship with your future clients or customers, creating a unique and memorable brand, finding and relating to your target demographic audience, constructing a successful media campaign, expanding email lists, and strategically establishing your own personal success story.

Instructor: Amy Elmore



Aromatherapy is an ancient practice that once used aromatic botanicals for health remedies, in religious ceremony, take a spiritual journey, or to help induce a spiritual connection to the gods. It’s quite romantic to think that our ancestors would sit around primitive fires burning fragrant woods, leaves, herbs, and flowers to connect to earthly spirits, dead relatives, or perform religious rites of passage. The ancient Greeks used to burn herbs and spices as part of their sacrifice to honor their patron gods and goddesses. Egyptians believed burning aromatics would help send their prayers and desires to their gods. In China, the Middle East, to India and pre-Columbus American the practice of using herbal medicine has been around for many centuries as seen in many of their ancient texts and oral history.

Today aromatherapy is still used in some houses of worship in the form of burning incense in special golden censors for purity, pleasing God so as to arouse His compassion, and ascend prayers to Heaven to be answered. In our secular world, it’s mostly used for a variety of reasons from health therapies to room and body fragrances; interestingly some ancient Greek methods and remedies still hold up today such as the scent of Rosemary being an aid to memory and how Lavender can ease stress and promote relaxation. You can find many Lavender scented candles, linen spray, lotions, and baby bath products that promotes sleep aid and relaxation on their packaging.

Essential oils and aromatherapy are growing businesses, you can now find essential oils in almost any retail store with varying diffusers, blends, and rollers to apply them. Most enjoy the benefits of essential oils to lift their mood, stimulate brain functions, mental clarity, improve brain focus, get pain relief, help improve sleep quality, ease headaches, migraines, minor aches and pains, to relax and reduce stress, also an added first-aid supply as a topical anti-bacterial and so much more. Health and Eco conscience households like to create their own cleaning products and add essential oils for not only a pleasant scent but as an anti-bacterial property.

Even the beauty community finds many benefits of adding oils to their products for treating acne, soothing eczema, skin toner, skin inflammation, dandruff, serums, gentle moisturizers, bath salts, deodorant, mouth rinse, treat oily or dry skin, detox scalp & hair, insect repellant, anti-aging, foot fungus, antioxidant, perfumes, hair tonics, lotions, soap, and bath oils to name a few.

Incorporate aromatherapy into any healing therapies such as Reiki, massage, hypnotherapy, reflexology, acupuncture, spa services, beauty services, talk therapy, yoga, guided meditation, biofeedback, MBSR and more.

What we’ll be covering in this course:

• History of Aromatherapy
• Reputable Distributors
• Essential and Carrier Oils
• Safety and Precautions
• Oil Blends
• Health Benefits
• Beauty Benefits
• Emotional Health Benefits
• Different Ways to Use Essential Oils
• How to Use Oils for Well-Being
• Properties and Uses
• Diffusers, Rollers, Topical, and orally
• Recipes and Products
• How to Use Aromatherapy in your Practice

Instructor: Amy Elmore


Victims of Psychopaths Replay



Olympia Center Event Replay

Admittance: FREE

FREE EVENT. Open to all victims of predatory psychopaths, sociopaths, or toxic narcissists. Take control of your life, stop the abuse and victimization. Disarm the predator, get your life back, and heal from the trauma from your psychopathic encounter.

Schedule of events:

Full Spectrum Victim Recovery

If you feel victimized by life, this attitude will continually create more experiences of victimization.

Mark and Lynetta will lead you through 3 interactive exercises to bust the victim game and reclaim your power. When you transcend Victim Games, you become Victorious in your life and begin the new game of empowered creation.

Instructors: Mark Siedler & Lynetta Avery

PTSD Recovery

Class Description: We will learn what PTSD is, as well as signs and symptoms of PTSD in adults as well as children. We will explore some positive ways of coping with PTSD and its fears and anxiety.

Instructor: Wendy Lynn Johnson

Dealing with Toxic People

Toxic people are everywhere, and they’re here to stay. You may not be able to escape them completely, but there are simple tricks that you can use to overcome their toxic behavior. Learn how to come out on top in a confrontational situation without stooping to their level. Take steps to repel psychopaths at every level in your life. And develop the ability to set your life on the right foundation to stand tall above toxicity at every level.

Instructor: Daniel Mark Schwartz

How to Deal with a Psychopath

Predatory psychopaths are the most harmful members of society, and fortunately, 90% of Americans never encounter the dark side of the psychopath who lives and operates on the dangerous end of the antisocial personality disorder spectrum. Often confused with the narcissistic sociopath, the predatory psychopath will drain the life, finances, and any other resources he or she may access, leaving the victim broken and broke. Early detection with a simple psychopath test, and protecting yourself right now can help.

Instructor: David M Masters


Event Location: Olympia Center, Rm 200, 222 Columbia St NW, Olympia, WA 98501

Brought to you by St. Paul’s Free University and

This event qualifies for Continuing Education Units (CEU) for SPFU Alumni.


Soulmate Wizardry



October 5th, 2019, Olympia Center

Admittance: FREE

FREE EVENT. All welcome – singles, couples, and married – to a cluster of presentations focused on finding and keeping the love of your life.

Schedule of events:

Worldly Love vs Awakened Love

Class Description: Marriage counselors make bank trying to help you save your marriage, family therapists, love and relationship coaches are desperately helping couples to navigate the 7 phases of love, all in the hopes of promoting sustainable love relationships. Beyond the struggle and drama of worldly love is an awakened love which empowers a romantic couple to experience healthy love with their spiritual soulmate as they find themselves awakening to true love.

Instructor: David M Masters

Love & Your Life’s Purpose

9:45 a.m.

Class Description: So many people make this huge mistake when attracting and keeping the love of their life! They forget that where the romance ends, life begins. Soulmates can’t connect unless you’ve found your “life’s purpose,” but once you have the results can be miraculous. Whether you call it working on yourself, “inner game,” or just plain good sense, I’ll show you the three essential steps you need to take to earn that chance at happiness.

Instructor: Daniel Mark Schwartz

Date Yourself First

Class Description: Learn to love yourself so you can allow your soul mate into your heart. If you can’t love yourself how can someone else love you? We will explore ways to fall in love with the most important YOU!

Instructor: Wendy Lynn Johnson

Finding & Nurturing the Love of Your Life

11:15 p.m.

Class Description: 50+ years in relationships and deep transformational work has taught Mark and Lynetta what really works in Soulmate-Level Relationships. In this introduction to Soulmate Wizardry, You will create a clear image of the type of aligned partner you want, learn the right places to meet your beloved and 3 key practices for nurturing the relationship.

Instructors: Mark Siedler & Lynetta Avery


Event Location: Olympia Center, Rm 200, 222 Columbia St NW, Olympia, WA 98501

Brought to you by St. Paul’s Free University and Mark and

This event qualifies for Continuing Education Units (CEU) for SPFU Alumni.

Relationship Coach Certification Course

Open Enrollment

Last Day
to Register
Classes Start Course
Oct. 18 Oct. 23 Jan. 22 Wednesdays


Live? Campus Online? Location
Yes Centralia Yes TBD

Cost: $2,497.00

Relationship Coach Certification Course

Apply cutting edge technologies to your soulmate, love and relationship coaching or counseling practice.


When two people get together things are quite enthusiastic in the beginning as both partners are united by similar brain chemistry which is Mother Nature’s secret cocktail which influences the race to actively breed and expand. After Mother Nature feels like her goal has been served, the chemistry subsides, and one or both members of the couple are left wondering what happened?

In a world where 60 percent of marriages end in divorce and only 21 percent of well-intentioned unmarried couples find their relationships sustainable following a three- to five-year period.

It takes a degree of work and intention for a relationship to grow and flourish over time.

This leaves a huge number of people seeking out professionally certified relationship coaches to help navigate the coupling minefield.

Certified relationship coaches help bring people together in a way that creates a successful sustainable relationship in a world when society actually promotes and profits from disposable relationships.

Certified relationship coaches are commonly referred to as “Love Miracle Workers,” but the real magic that happens within the offices of relationship coaches certified by St. Paul’s Free University around the world, is a result of one or both relationship members doing the “deep work” which creates miraculous results in a couple.

Even deeply wounded lovers who have declared they would never marry, find themselves having a change of heart following the healing of deep inner wounds, they might not even be able to recognize on the surface, and this is a common reason why most relationships fail. Because one or both partners do not have the capacity to open themselves to an authentic open and loving relationship.

As a certified relationship coach, you will be able to challenge lovers to do the deep work necessary to create a truly loving and fully supportive long-term relationship.

Couples find themselves in the offices of certified relationship coaches when their relationship is in a state of crisis. If you have St. Paul’s Free University certification, you need not be intimidated by relationships in crisis because you are keenly qualified to help a couple look beyond the surface issues which the couple faces as challenges that appear to be insurmountable.

Even when intimacy seems to fade, relationship coaches who are fully certified by SPFU, are qualified to reignite the fire of intimacy in an otherwise healthy and loving relationship. Intimacy is the emotional adhesive which ensures the successful longevity of love and passion in lovers in relationships which can survive the test of time.

Help your clients achieve their highest and best in the area of love and romance in their lives while discovering, “what is a soulmate?”

One of the hottest issues in service consulting is in the area of assisting clients in finding their one and only true love or helping them maximize their current marriage relationships.

Certified Relationship Coaches get the latest tips, tools, techniques, and methodologies that help to solve issues related to finding love, creating romance, leading to marriage or achieving marital relationship success and longevity.

Demystify how to find love, create and use the law of attraction for finding love in all the right places at the right times.

Clients take personal and spiritual responsibility for their own relationship success and become their own matchmaker learning to read and interpret the soulmate signs.

Get your certification from St Paul’s Free University and become the reigning expert in the field of true love, soul mates, romance and relationships coaching while earning CEU credits.

Olympian Life Coach Certification Course

Open Enrollment

Last Day
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Classes Start Course
Feb. 14 Feb. 18 Apr. 21 Tuesdays


Live? Campus Online? Location
Yes Olympia Yes Olympia Center

Cost: $4,997.00

Discover what it means to be an Olympian Life Coach and how to determine your area of expertise to optimally promote your coaching business for huge potential for success and helping others to achieve optimal results in a world that needs you now. If you are currently engaged in counseling, you may discover the increased satisfaction that comes with the addition of coaching to your practice.

Become a certified Olympian Life Coach and raise your life coaching skills and activities to be head and shoulders above the other coaches out there, today. Life Coaching is the fastest growing professional segment in the United States, and if you desire to be successful, you can do so by taking a proactive, professional approach to increasing your efficacy and coaching acumen.

As a certified Olympian Life Coach, you will be able to increase your ability to powerfully help people, while being greatly remunerated for your efforts as you make the world a better place. There is little more satisfying than helping others achieve their highest and best.

The Olympian Life Coach certification is the most comprehensive coaching certification in the world, which empowers Olympian Life Coaches to in effect create miraculous, life-changing results in their clients.

As an Olympian Life Coach, you become a powerful force for good in the world and align with others who are truly participating in the evolution of humanity at an important time in our planet’s history. The world is changing at a rapid pace and OLCs are on the leading edge of the growth and expansion necessary to keep up with this evolutionary process.

The course includes everything you need from how to run your business, to filling your Olympian Life Coach toolbox with tools from a wide spectrum of therapeutic science.

Your OLC certification is internationally recognized by professionals, businesses, government agencies, and the top corporations all over the world.

The Olympian Life Coach certification course has been around for many years, and is a living, growing, and expanding program. Every year, the course changes, to be the most up-to-date and relevant life coach training program in the now.

The tips, tools, techniques, and therapeutic modalities you learn in the Olympian Life Coach certification program are priceless and would cost you thousands of dollars and years of training to have access to, yet as an Olympian Life Coach, you have access to all of this and more, right out of the gate.

Plus, you are joining a network of other Olympian Life Coaches to help expand your capabilities 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Olympian Life Coaches have a private group community, where open communication and support takes place amidst OLCs. So, if you run into a difficult client, no problem, share your challenges with other coaches and ready your client for massive breakthroughs as they make it to the next level.

And every time you use the resources, such as the private group community, the course grows and expands.

If it’s time to increase your coaching skills and potential while increasing credibility and profitability amidst your professional coaching practice, then the Olympian Life Coach Certification Program is for you.

Has it been a while since you initially took your OLC training and certification? No problem. You can retake the course at special alumni pricing and get full CEUs (Continuing Education Credits).

Instructors: David M Masters and Daniel Mark Schwartz