Founded in 1989, St. Paul’s Free University was established as an educational division of St, Paul’s Free Chuch headquartered in Gresham, Oregon was one of the first Christian educational networks whose students were able to log-in and participate via computer extension by logging-in to attend classes via BBS, prior to the advent of the Internet or the World Wide Web, as we know it today.

Now, independent and unrestrained by government dictates, faith-founded St. Paul’s Free University assists in the dissemination of free thought to a world which is amidst evolutionary change both globally and universally. The “free” in St Paul’s Free University has always represented the freedom of expression availed to all students, participants, and instructors from various locations around the country.

In keeping with those original roots, St. Paul’s Free University continues to expand in curriculum and conceptual growth to include a wide variety of educational opportunities in spiritual, business, health, and wellness arenas.

Today, St Paul’s Free University offers a wide variety of classes, certifications, and programs of study which includes emerging alternative therapy and non-medical treatments of ailments with incredible results for the healing of the holistic human, body, mind, and spirit.

Note that St Paul’s Free Church makes every effort to offer a wide variety of programming which may not be found in traditional colleges or universities, and many will attest to the results being radically superior to traditional training.

Many seek out these as their main course of educational resources, while others access these classes, courses, programs, and certifications to augment their traditional backgrounds and training.

How you interact with the staff at St Pauls Free University is up to you, for there are many options and participation is not limited to having to subscribe to any particular faith, as enrollment is open to all.

You are welcome here.

And we offer this platform to those who may not be able to find an open venue elsewhere, which gives St Paul’s Free University to have access to emerging technologies that are unavailable to the mainstream.

Your participation is voluntary.

The views of those offered to share this open platform are not necessarily those of St Pauls Free University, so you are encouraged only to attend those programs which are aligned to your own personal and professional views and goals.

May you be blessed as you press on to achieve your highest and best and make the world a better place.

St Paul’s Free University