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Overcoming Repressed Childhood Trauma as an Adult

With every year thousands of new victims of child abuse coming forward, the true magnitude and impact childhood trauma as yet unknown. In this free series of short 7 minute presentations, six experts from a wide range of disciplines will share their secrets to recognizing, dealing with, and eventually overcoming childhood trauma as an adult.

This event will be broadcast live on Facebook on the St. Paul’s Free University Page.


Date: Feb 17th, 2021

Time: 11:00 AM PST

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Event Speakers & Talk Titles

This event will proceed in three phases. Each speaker will give a 7 minute presentation in each of the three phases. Their talk titles and links for additional information are given below.

Rosa M Luna

“Expose Child Abuse Using Curandero Therapy”

“Curandero Therapy Wounded Child Process”

“Ongoing Healing with a Curandero Therapy”

David M Masters

“Are You an Adult Survivor of Religious Child Sexual Abuse?”

“Healing for Sexually Abused Religious Survivors”

“Making a Religious Stand Against Child Sexual Abuse”

Wendy Lynn Johnson

“What’s wrong with me? Adult symptoms of abuse as a child.”

“Meet the younger you with source energy therapy”

“Healing forward with Source energy therapy”

Juanita Holaday

Juanita holady“What Are You Hiding From?”

“3 Effortless Ways to Heal from Child Abuse Naturally”

“Naturally Activated Steps for Continued Recovery”


Lolo Lesser

lolo lesser empatharian“Neurobiology of Child Neglect and Abuse”

“Leveraging the Brain’s Plasticity with Movement”

“Moving Forward with Consistency and Confidence to combat low self-esteem in yourself and your children.”

Daniel Mark Schwartz

“Narcissistic Parents: Recognizing abuse”

“Immediate recovery from narcissistic parental abuse”

“Five steps to thriving after surviving narcissism”

Leveling Up Your Professional Reiki Practice

  • Level up your skills as an energy worker – Expand your skills and practices by adding additional techniques to your Reiki toolbox
  • Connect and bring value to more clients – Increase your reach and market share with these simple tricks used by professional healers
  • Open your work to abundance through harmonious value exchange – Allow increasing energetic and monetary rewards for practicing Reiki

This event will be broadcast live on Facebook on the St. Paul’s Free University Page.

LIVE EVENT COMPLETE. See replay here

Date: January 24th, 2021

Time: 1:30 PM PST

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Event Speakers

David M Masters

“FREE Lightning Reiki Attunement”

Receive your virtual attunement for the Lightning Reiki plug-in. You must be a Reiki Master to receive the Lightning Reiki plug-in to enhance your Reiki practice, enabling you to do deep emotional work in minutes without unearthing buried trauma.

“Expand your practice to emotional healing”

As Reiki Masters, you already know Reiki is the premier holistic healing modality that deals with whatever ail your clientele. Use the Lightning Reiki plug-in to expand your market to include any type of victims of any kind of abuse that want to take their life back.

“Release your abundance blocks with Lightning Reiki”

Get ready to take your Reiki practices and your life to the next level to enjoy the abundance of love, joy, health, and wealth with Lightning Reiki.

Rosa M Luna

“Adding the ‘Healing Egg’ Practice to your Reiki Services”

Learn how to use the ancient “Curandera Barrida de Huevo” practice of energy sweeping your clients. This ancient technique of traditional native healers is a powerful method to add to any energy healing practice.

“Bilingual Expansion”

Double your potential reach through the community by adding a second service language. Learn how to effectively communicate with clients for whom English is a second language.

“Raise Your Price”

A culmination of the first three topics, Rosa discusses how you can charge more increasing the value of your services. By adding service languages and employing additional methods, such as the healing egg, you can charge more per visit while providing even more value to your clients.

Daniel Mark Schwartz

“Energy work for victims of narcissist, sociopaths, and psychopaths”

Victims of abusers with a narcissistic personality disorder or other antisocial personality disorders (psychopaths and sociopaths) are in need of deep healing and are rarely assisted by energy workers who can help with the work of overcoming emotional trauma. Learn the best way to approach healing victims of this type with your energy work of choice.

“How to find and heal victims of toxic people”

This module aims to help you connect with clients who have experienced trauma due to abuse from narcissistic, psychopathic, antisocial, or other forms of toxic people. These types of people rarely seek out energy work on their own. By learning to attract them to your practice, you have the opportunity to grow your client base while doing great good for the community.

“Building a professional practice serving victims of toxic people”

Finally, I will discuss the business aspects of finding and keep clients who are victims of toxic people. Continuing to serve such clients offers its own unique set of challenges. By the end of this talk, you will have the tools to build an abundant and profitable practice.

Wendy Lynn Johnson

“Reiki & Source Energy Therapy can benefit your grieving clients”

Learn how the techniques of Reiki and Source Energy Therapy can be used in tandem to massively amplify your work on clients stricken with grief.

“Networking with a Reiki circle”

Learn how to connect and recruit clients through the use of a Reiki circle.

“Reiki and an energy exchange”

Key to an abundant Reiki practice is a proper energy exchange with our clients. Learn how being accepting of the good our clients can do for us is just as important as doing good work for our clients. And, how resisting energy exchange may be hampering your growth as a reiki practitioner.

Juanita Holiday

Juanita holady“Adding natural alternatives to your practice”

Learn how to expand your Reiki practice by adding holistic enhancements that increase benefits to your clients.

“Attract a wider audience holistically”

By adding additional holistic services, we can attract an even wider and more diverse clientele. Learn how natural alternatives can get your energy work out to a larger crowd.

“Increase your revenue by incorporating natural healing products”

By auditing additional products and services to your practice, you are opening the door to greater revenue and abundance. Both physical products and services work best when they are sold together.

Teachers Wanted Free Teacher Certification Replay

In case you missed it, the following is the replay of the event that streamed online. Feel free to like and share it, as we are honoring all students who attend online and we will run this event throughout the COVID-19 lockdown. For those who are staying home and staying safe, this is a good opportunity to get your free teacher certification.

Free teaching certificate awarded to attendees of the Free Teacher Certification Program which includes discovering and monetizing your purpose, message, passion, and mission in life. In this one-day intensive seminar you will learn how to start teaching others using your unique skills and abilities, and training you’ve received from the university of life to help and train others as no one else can. Squash your inner critic, help and lead people who need to hear from you, empowered by this free trainer certification. Learn how to train others by attending this free instructor certification event. Credits earned via St. Paul’s Free University.


Free and welcome to all comers.

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After you’ve attended the event, click here: to earn your credits for attending and receive your Free Teaching Certificate.

About the event:


You might be surprised to discover at this event that you are more qualified than an ivy league graduate to teach. Discover why you are so qualified and learn what sets you apart from other classically-trained instructors, and come to realize that this, your accepting your call to train and help others may be a part of your life’s journey, and could be a part, if not the main reason, for you’re being here, your purpose in this life. If so, your life will not make sense until you embrace your teaching mission.


Quite the contrary. No formal training necessary. You’ve received your training from a higher source. You’ve been in the trenches. You know what it’s like to look the devil in the eye and find a way to survive in spite of the odds that may have been stacked against you. Experience is necessary. In fact, it is your unique experience and perspective which is invaluable and cannot be taught in any school.


In this event, we are going to help you discover and embrace your message, and honor the life which has pre-qualified you for this sacred work. We believe that you have come here to this earth with a special message, unique unto you, and we are here to help you begin to understand how to interpret all the details that have helped train you for this type of work.


We are here to certify that you are uniquely qualified to share your message and to help others through your teaching, training, and understanding of the material which is about you, the life you’ve lived, and the blessing you can bring to others. You will realize that what looked like chaos, tragedy, and trauma, in the past was all divinely orchestrated to bring you here, to this time and place, where you start supporting others, your community, and the world, as only you can.


Being intuitive is becoming more accepted than before. It no longer carries with it the stigma of being “out there” or seen as pure hogwash of the superstitious and flighty personas. Instead, it’s seen as a valuable asset that helps, protects, and guides us. Learn how to harness your intuition and how it can improve all areas of your life!


Learn from a top mystical instructor how you can monetize your special gifts and abilities and teach others, empowering them to take your message to the masses. Learn how she discovered her gifts and abilities, and took charge of her life, and offer assistance and healing to others in need. Duplicate yourself by multiplying your efforts, and make the world a better place.


Understanding student’s learning styles helps tailor your teaching so that students can get it. As you learn about the different intelligences and the many models of learning styles, you will be able to cater to each student’s individual needs, as you go.


At St. Paul’s Free University, we specialize in making you the master of your story, your life, and your message by making you an expert in your field. We will give you the tools to become an expert in your field. Get the Be an Expert in Your Field Blueprint. Following this event, you will have everything you need to be recognized as an expert in your field.


St. Paul’s Free University is looking for new instructors, like you. At this event, you can meet the team and let us know if you would like to join the team.

Your Instructors for this Teachers Wanted Free Teacher Certification Program

Amy Elmore, Lolo Lesser, Rosa M Luna, David M Masters

The Olympia Center, 222 Columbia St NW RM 200, Olympia

Free Life Coach Certification


If you have been drawn to help those around you – your family, loved ones, and friends – through hard times and difficult circumstances, then this is a free opportunity to get started. Whether out of self-interest or a desire to enter a career in counseling, this FREE seminar will get you started on the right path.

All attendees who participate in the entire event will earn a certification and credit hours from St. Paul’s Free University. View the full replay here: which will remain available during the COVID-19 lockdown.

After you’ve viewed the entire video, you can receive your credits and certification here:

Free and welcome to all comers.

Intuitiveness as a Skillset

“How to Use Intuition as a Coaching Tool”


Amy Elmore

We all know that intuition can be an incredible asset that protects us in times of uncertainty when our safety feels most vulnerable. But, did you ever think it could be a useful business skill set? When our career or business involves dealing with people, especially one-on-one, we don’t think to use our intuitive skills. Often empathy and compassion in this field takes center stage, as they should.

However, intuition can help us make better management decisions and assist us in finding and marketing to our ideal clients. By honing-in and sharpening our intuition, we can offer clear insights to better guide our clients while also helping us find the best process for their personal success: every coach’s number one goal.

Download handout: intuitive hand out


Facilitating Development of Life Purpose

For many clients lack of life purpose is the major road block standing between them and   their optimum potential. Lack of a well defined goal in life leads to lethargy, depression, aimlessness, self destructive, or reckless behaviors. Working through the self reflective process of realizing a client’s unique life purpose is an invaluable technique for any practicing life coach.

In this introductory presentation, we will cover various techniques that can be employed during sessions or recommended to clients for home work. Additionally we will attempt to illuminate possible road blocks to success in the process as well as indications that a
client is particularly apt to begin this particular means of self development.

Download slides and handout: Developing Life Purpose

Law of Attraction and Life Coaching


Have you ever wondered how you can use the law of attraction in your life coaching business?

We will explore what the law of attraction is and just how it can help you be successful as a coach. We will also dive into a few simple processes you can use to help your clients shift using the law of attraction. The Law of Attraction is working in your life whether you’re aware of it or not. And it may explain why you are attracting the things in your life that you do. Our emotions play a huge roll in our lives and us taking the driver seat can shift our entire lives as a coach or for our clients.

Remember what you think about comes about. See you soon!

Download handout: cover worksheet for summit LC -2

Free Life Coach Certification

Life coach trainer and author of the definitive life coach training manual for the Olympian Life Coach School expresses how to become a life coach, reviewing the basic skills used in various life coaching practices.
If you’ve been drawn to peer counseling or coaching as an expression of achieving your highest and best, supporting others, contributing to your local community, and make the world a better place, attend this review of life coaching as a practice and how to maximize efficacy in a world that needs your skills now more than ever. All attendees will becoming a life coach, verified to possess core skillsets and will be certified to practice as a life coach.
The Olympia Center, 222 Columbia St NW RM 200, Olympia

2020 Empowerment Countdown Replay

Join us on this 7 day journey of growth and self discovery. Designed to help you bring in the new decade on the right foot, this series of short videos brings a wide range of techniques and perspectives to bear on the task of living your life to the fullest.

Dec 25: Regaining Control of Finances

Practical Planning for Financial Independence

Daniel M Schwartz

Many people dream of of living a life of financial abundance and security, but they lack the concrete planning and step by step method to make it a reality in their life. In this talk I’ll cover three actionable methods that you can use to move your daily activities in a direction that leads to a fulfilling life that is increasingly independent from employers, organizations, or governments that seek to keep you a slave to the system. But through deliberate action the average person is presented with the opportunity to grow in to a state of wealth and happiness currently unimaginable to the majority of typical people on the street.

Live cast has ended… Click for Replay

Monetize Your Heart

David M Masters

Author and business consultant, David M Masters challenges you to follow your heart. They say, “Do what you love, and the money will follow.” What are you passionate about? Masters will help you find out what you love and discover what is your passion in life, as he shares about how to make money doing what you love, whether it’s from doing work that you love or starting your own business. Because, says Masters, “if you can do what you love and monetize your heart, you can have a better life, your best life and make the world a better place.”

Live cast has ended… Click for Replay

Dec 26: Living an Abundant Lifestyle

Where’s Your Vibration?

David M Masters

If you want to live an abundant lifestyle, where manifestation abounds and you’re attracting all the things you heart desires in this life, it’s important to know what vibrational frequency you’re maintaining. In our Beyond Science Lab we’re working on a device which reads your standard energy frequency vibration, every thought you think, situation, circumstance, or media hit you are exposed to will raise or lower your human vibration frequency. Learn how to determine your vibrational frequency setpoint naturally and how to purposefully raise your vibration. The more you practice high vibration energy activities, the higher your setpoint raises up the emotional frequency chart. Maintaining a high vibration will give you the abundant life you’ve been waiting for.

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Using gratitude to attract abundance: Become a Magnet for Your Desires

Amy Elmore

If you are not appreciating what gifts and blessings you currently have, you are not making room for newer experiences, better opportunities and more blessings. Even athletes working hard to reach a challenging goal know and appreciate their own strengths that they already possess, some even use their weaknesses as strategic advantages. No matter where you are in life, there is always something or someone to be grateful for; it is the best place to start if one is looking to either reach for the stars or start small by getting out of financial debt. When we are too focused on lack, we are actually holding ourselves back from opportunities of improvement, self-growth, and abundance in health, wealth, and knowledge.

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Building Low Input Passive Income Systems

Daniel M Schwartz

Living abundantly in the material sense is primarily an exercise of building systems that work for you and not against you. Unfortunately, many people are uneducated to this fact, and spend their time and money instead on temporarily meeting their needs or even on the acquisition of luxury items like cars and houses with increasingly higher upkeep costs.

In this short presentation I’ll cover common mistakes that people make in building their passive systems. And, even further, convert these missteps in to simple rules that you can use when choosing and building up your passive income lifestyle. My goal is the give you the tools you need to free yourself from the rat race and to grow in to your optimum version of yourself.

Live cast has ended… Click for Replay

Dec 27: Powering Up Your Will Power and Discipline

Choosing a Morning Routine

Daniel M Schwartz

Powerful people across the spectrum from billionaire businessmen to top artists and athletes, leverage their morning to spring board their success throughout the day. But, there is no one size fits all solution. In this short presentation we will discuss some examples of morning routines used by various people at the top of their fields, as well as common elements of what makes a morning routine successful. Then, we will parlay this information in to tools that you can use to develop and refine your own personal morning routine. Ever person is different, and so what works for one person at one time may not work for another. Yet, it is clear if a morning routine is working for you or not, because powerful morning have the power to change your life. By the end of this presentation, you will be one step closer building yourself up to the highest level.

Live cast has ended… Click for Replay

Imagination and Inspired Action

David M Masters

The most powerful tools you have to live a better life, your best life, and make the world a better place from this point are your imagination and inspired action. Imagine your life, if you could have anything you want any way you want it, all the love, health, and wealth you can envision. What would that look like? It is well known and often cited that with pure determination, will power, and hard work you can achieve your heart’s desires. Or you could forgo the extraneous blood, sweat, and tears, by focusing on personal growth and self improvement. Instead of pushing your way through life, you can execute inspired actions and allow your life to flourish.

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Dec 28: How to Attract Love

Finding Love Through Life Purpose

Daniel M Schwartz

It is a common mistake when searching for a soul mate to focus too much on the other person, and neglecting to find out who you are. A true lifetime connection can only be accomplished when you are true to yourself and up front with your loved ones with what you want to achieve in life. But, when this happens, there is a possibility for a deep connection with another who you partner with for life.

The goal of this presentation is to help point you in the right direction on the path to self discovery, and pass on some hints to help you find the truth inside yourself. I’ll also discuss ways to know if we are “ready” for a partner, and when it is appropriate to take time for yourself rather than making room for a partner.

Live cast has ended… Click for Replay

Living a Life of Love

David M Masters

Your life may have been somewhat lackluster till now. You may not have been the recipient of all the love you desired, certainly deserved, and you may have experienced such a lack of real love that you might not even believe there is such a thing as love at all. You might be surprised to discover that you have everything you need to have all the love in your life that your heart desires, and living a life of love is how to attract love into your life. In just a few minutes you can start manifesting love by learning how to live a life of love and how to attract love energy which magnetically increases your spiritual attraction to someone who is the perfect match for you.

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Dec 29: Finding and Expressing Yourself

Shadow work: Pull Back your Veil and Know Yourself on a Deeper Level

Amy Elmore

What is Shadow work and why is it so important? Are you on a spiritual journey? Do you want to raise your conscious level? Be more benevolent and enlightened? Then it means that you must swim to the deep side of the pool of the human psyche, your psyche. Often, especially now, we are so busy looking outside ourselves into the world, placing blame and seeing the faults in others. We’re so scared of how the world has become a dark and scary place that we don’t stop to realize what role we play and how under other circumstances we might be capable of wickedness and immorality.

“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” -Carl Jung

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Who are You? Really.

David M Masters

The number one question in the mind of the earthbound wanderer is, “Who am I?” Discover who you are, really, via self-discovery. The purpose of this life is to find out that you have a purpose and that purpose is the meaning which inspires your journey of self-discovery on this planet. Through processes of personal discovery you will uncover all the hidden treasure buried in the details of your past and in doing so you will lift the veil which shrouds how to find out who you really are. You are divine, a child of God, and you are here for a reason. You are treasured, you are sacred, and deserving of the gift of being yourself.

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Escaping Job Place Tyranny

Daniel M Schwartz

The biggest excuse people make when they aren’t living the life of their dreams is that they can’t get time off. For so many people, their jobs have become their prison limiting their time, sapping their energy, and changing their beliefs. Whether intentional or not, many job places in developed worlds are mini tyrannies.

With this presentation I’ll discuss two methods of escaping the tyranny: 1) molding the work place to meet your needs, 2) leaving the work place realize your passion. Luckily for us, in many cases this cell we live in is a trap of our own making. With a little hard truth and a bit of hard work, everyone has the opportunity to level up their work place and their lifestyle.

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Dec 30: Growing in to Your Intuition

7 Exercises to increase your intuition: Develop and Grow your Intuitive Muscle

Amy Elmore

Whether you are new to the aspect of Intuitiveness or you feel you are in a spiritual funk, unable to get your instinctive groove back on track, anyone on any level can benefit by these exercises. Your intuition is like a built-in navigator, there to help you through anything life has to throw at you, from staying safe in unfamiliar surroundings to choosing a life partner who brings joy and romance into your life. Developing your intuition doesn’t have to be time-consuming or some etherial journey that’s accessible to only a select few with natural-born gifts. With just a few exercises and patience you can improve, grow, and increase this skill that’s available to all.

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Building a Home with a Heart

Daniel M Schwartz

Modern homes and buildings are increasingly logical, industrial, plain, echoy, and ugly. In other words, these places are heartless, in that they lack an organic human warmth that makes more traditional hand-fashioned construction warm and inviting.

With techniques of natural building, we have the opportunity to use our intuition as our guide in decorating or constructing pleasant living spaces that make our homes inviting and reduce subconscious psychological stress on the body. Pulled from thousands of years of trial and error, and decades of experience of those reviving natural building techniques, these methods are low cost, easy to learn, and accessible to anyone with the will to learn.

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Using a Pendulum

David M Masters

You can make up what you’re lacking in intuition with a bit of applied kinesiology, which is commonly used amidst the healthcare industry. Based on the assumption that everything is energy, a pendulum can be used as a therapeutic tool which taps into the energy of life and can invigorate or validate one’s intuition, or be used as an alternative to intuition. A dowsing pendulum can be (and is often) used as a chakra pendulum. Using a pendulum can produce an alternative psychic pendulum reading, or certainly as a yes/no pendulum. In this short introduction to using pendulums learn how to ask questions as you are using a pendulum for answers.

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Dec 31: Self-Directing Spirituality

11 Ways to raise your vibration

Amy Elmore

Did you know that your mental well-being, your attitude, effects your vibration? Your vibration is like a frequency that ripples out into the world, a reflection of where you are on a conscious level. When your energy is low you’re attracting low-level vibrations. This is when it feels like the world is conspiring against you. Nothing seems to go right, everyone is being rude, impatient, ill-mannered, and offensive (especially behind the wheel). But, when you’re feeling amazing, you seem to be surrounded by love, people who smile, are welcoming and kind-hearted. Everything seems to be going right. When you raise your vibrations you attract higher vibrations from the world—from people to circumstances.

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This Is Your Journey

David M Masters

You came here as an independent spirit in human form to experience a wide variety of life. When you were young, you fully acknowledged, “I believe in the person I want to become,” to live this life in all its fullness. Since then, you may have forgotten this is your journey as you were swooped up and enveloped in someone else’s vision, and there’s a good chance most of (if not everything) you believe in is a lie. But if you want to believe in a better life, you must be willing to assert, “I want to believe in myself,” and don’t believe everything you’ve been told. Take back your life. This is your journey and you’re in charge of you.

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Choosing Superior Mental Axioms

Daniel M Schwartz

So much of what we think and how we live is predicated on subconscious thoughts or opinions. Sometimes called assumptions, limiting beliefs, or scripts, these thoughts are improvable, neither right nor wrong, and are often implanted when we are very young through institutions of education and religion, parents, friends, and chance experience.

Self-directing your spirituality means taking an active interest in the unvoiced opinions that guide your own thought processes. Through exploration and discovery, you are able to become aware of this latent firmware. Further, you have the opportunity to make conscious decisions to reform the scripts you have inherited into powerful mantras that better serve your mission.

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How To Deal With Family Betrayal Replay

Join us in a free morning of fellowship and recovery. This time our topic is dealing with family members or family structures who have betrayed you in the past.

Free and welcome to all comers.

January 11th, 2020; 9 a.m. – noon

The Olympia Center, 222 Columbia St NW RM 205, Olympia

9:00 am – What’s your story?

Join us in exploring what emotions present themselves when it comes to who we feel in our family has betrayed us. Betrayal is probably the most devastating loss a person can experience. We understand that when someone dies we experience loss and grief, but frequently we don’t recognize the other forms of loss that we may experience in life. You need to understand what these emotions are and why you are experiencing them before you can really take any action.

Most often a betrayed person needs an outlet. The tendency is to want to vent with the person who hurt you as a form of retribution. However, it isn’t really a safe way for you to release.  I will lead you in a process to have the opportunity to recognize and release emotions in a safe and supported environment.

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9:45 am – Forgiveness

“Why we should forgive, even when it’s not asked of us?”

Amy Elmore

When we are in the midst of anger and resentment, it is difficult to even contemplate forgiveness. Most of us see it as letting someone off the hook while we are expected to disregard our own feelings just because “That is what you are supposed to do to be a good person, to take the higher road.” But, is that what we are doing when we choose to forgive? Is forgiveness an act of weakness? Compliance? Does forgiveness benefit us more than those who have betrayed us? Or is it one of the most difficult acts of self-care we might ever have to face?

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10:30 am – Building Intentional Families and Communities

In modern times families are weaker than ever before. After overcoming betrayal by parents, and loved ones, it is incumbent on us to rebuild our support structures stronger than ever before. Strong families and communities can be grown through proper strategy and diligent action. In this presentation, I’ll cover uncommon techniques to build a loving and supportive human ecosystem.
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11:15 am – Family Betrayal

“Stop the Abuse and Take Back Your Power”

Family betrayal does not visit many of us but when it does it leaves an indelible mark on your soul. After all, if you can’t trust your family, who can you trust? And if you have been betrayed by a family member, you’re not alone. You might be surprised to discover mothers are most likely the family member who will stab you in the back, followed by your spouse, then both parents may team up to betray your trust. Honor and protect yourself from lies and betrayal. Don’t give away your power, learn how to stop being manipulated in a relationship. Stop the abuse, emotional manipulation, and take your power back now.
Live cast has ended… Click for Replay

The Olympia Center, 222 Columbia St NW RM 205, Olympia

Victims of Psychopaths Replay



Olympia Center Event Replay

Admittance: FREE

FREE EVENT. Open to all victims of predatory psychopaths, sociopaths, or toxic narcissists. Take control of your life, stop the abuse and victimization. Disarm the predator, get your life back, and heal from the trauma from your psychopathic encounter.

Schedule of events:

Full Spectrum Victim Recovery

If you feel victimized by life, this attitude will continually create more experiences of victimization.

Mark and Lynetta will lead you through 3 interactive exercises to bust the victim game and reclaim your power. When you transcend Victim Games, you become Victorious in your life and begin the new game of empowered creation.

Instructors: Mark Siedler & Lynetta Avery

PTSD Recovery

Class Description: We will learn what PTSD is, as well as signs and symptoms of PTSD in adults as well as children. We will explore some positive ways of coping with PTSD and its fears and anxiety.

Instructor: Wendy Lynn Johnson

Dealing with Toxic People

Toxic people are everywhere, and they’re here to stay. You may not be able to escape them completely, but there are simple tricks that you can use to overcome their toxic behavior. Learn how to come out on top in a confrontational situation without stooping to their level. Take steps to repel psychopaths at every level in your life. And develop the ability to set your life on the right foundation to stand tall above toxicity at every level.

Instructor: Daniel Mark Schwartz

How to Deal with a Psychopath

Predatory psychopaths are the most harmful members of society, and fortunately, 90% of Americans never encounter the dark side of the psychopath who lives and operates on the dangerous end of the antisocial personality disorder spectrum. Often confused with the narcissistic sociopath, the predatory psychopath will drain the life, finances, and any other resources he or she may access, leaving the victim broken and broke. Early detection with a simple psychopath test, and protecting yourself right now can help.

Instructor: David M Masters


Event Location: Olympia Center, Rm 200, 222 Columbia St NW, Olympia, WA 98501

Brought to you by St. Paul’s Free University and

This event qualifies for Continuing Education Units (CEU) for SPFU Alumni.


Recovery from Religious Trauma




September 21st, 2019, Olympia Center

Admittance: FREE

Religion has touched all of us, and hasn’t always been a force for good. Join a group of people coming together to learn and grow past tough experiences. Open to all people and all backgrounds.

Schedule of events:


9:00 a.m.

Religious Recovery Panel with Amy Elmore, Wendy Johnson, Lynetta Avery: From Puppet to Powerful. Real-world advice from 3 Jehovah’s Witness cult survivors on how to recover and thrive after religious trauma.


10:00 a.m.

Class Description: Transforming Old-World Religion into Universal Acceptance.

Instructors: Mark Siedler


10:30 a.m.

Class Description: By subscribing to limiting beliefs, we do not think, do or say the things that they prohibit. And in doing so we limit ourselves to what we can accomplish or enjoy in life.

Instructor: Daniel Mark Schwartz


11:15 p.m.

Class Description: Practical spiritual techniques revealed to help free victims of religious trauma and spiritual abuse to assist victims in the recovery process and live a life free from the pain of being victimized by religious leaders and/or believers.

Instructor: David M Masters



Class Description: Three top tools for rebuilding your life after trauma.

Instructor: Wendy Lynn Johnson

Event Location: Olympia Center, Rm 200, 222 Columbia St NW, Olympia, WA 98501

Brought to you by St. Paul’s Free University.

This event qualifies for Continuing Education Units (CEU) for SPFU Alumni.

Off-Grid Summit Replay



Class Description: A crash course in solar panels, micro hydro, wind, off grid electricity, heating, cooking, passive solar, hot water systems. Consideration of everything you need to live sustainably, securely, and in comfort.

Instructor: Daniel Mark Schwartz


Class Description: Cash flow strategies as alternatives to horse-trading for off-grid homesteaders both off and online. New and alternative ways of conducting business in current times. Independent Good News: You don’t have to work for “the man.”

Instructor: David M Masters


Class Description: Creating family bonding activities while living in a sustainable community and connecting with our children while living according to our earth-friendly values. Love is safety, security, serendipity, and surprise.

Instructor: Wendy Lynn Johnson


Class Description: RV Life: Minimize time & money, maximize nature & nurture. Your time and money are precious. RV living refines your soul-nourishing places & people

Instructors: Mark Siedler & Lynetta Avery


Brought to you by St. Paul’s Free University and

This event qualifies for Continuing Education Units (CEU) for SPFU Alumni.