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Free Life Coach Certification


If you have been drawn to help those around you – your family, loved ones, and friends – through hard times and difficult circumstances, then this is a free opportunity to get started. Whether out of self-interest or a desire to enter a career in counseling, this FREE seminar will get you started on the right path.

All attendees who participate in the entire event will earn a certification and credit hours from St. Paul’s Free University. View the full replay here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-OxwjrFKk0w which will remain available during the COVID-19 lockdown.

After you’ve viewed the entire video, you can receive your credits and certification here: https://stpaulsfreeuniversity.com/plcc

Free and welcome to all comers.

Intuitiveness as a Skillset

“How to Use Intuition as a Coaching Tool”


Amy Elmore

We all know that intuition can be an incredible asset that protects us in times of uncertainty when our safety feels most vulnerable. But, did you ever think it could be a useful business skill set? When our career or business involves dealing with people, especially one-on-one, we don’t think to use our intuitive skills. Often empathy and compassion in this field takes center stage, as they should.

However, intuition can help us make better management decisions and assist us in finding and marketing to our ideal clients. By honing-in and sharpening our intuition, we can offer clear insights to better guide our clients while also helping us find the best process for their personal success: every coach’s number one goal.

Download handout: intuitive hand out


Facilitating Development of Life Purpose

For many clients lack of life purpose is the major road block standing between them and   their optimum potential. Lack of a well defined goal in life leads to lethargy, depression, aimlessness, self destructive, or reckless behaviors. Working through the self reflective process of realizing a client’s unique life purpose is an invaluable technique for any practicing life coach.

In this introductory presentation, we will cover various techniques that can be employed during sessions or recommended to clients for home work. Additionally we will attempt to illuminate possible road blocks to success in the process as well as indications that a
client is particularly apt to begin this particular means of self development.

Download slides and handout: Developing Life Purpose

Law of Attraction and Life Coaching


Have you ever wondered how you can use the law of attraction in your life coaching business?

We will explore what the law of attraction is and just how it can help you be successful as a coach. We will also dive into a few simple processes you can use to help your clients shift using the law of attraction. The Law of Attraction is working in your life whether you’re aware of it or not. And it may explain why you are attracting the things in your life that you do. Our emotions play a huge roll in our lives and us taking the driver seat can shift our entire lives as a coach or for our clients.

Remember what you think about comes about. See you soon!

Download handout: cover worksheet for summit LC -2

Free Life Coach Certification

Life coach trainer and author of the definitive life coach training manual for the Olympian Life Coach School expresses how to become a life coach, reviewing the basic skills used in various life coaching practices.
If you’ve been drawn to peer counseling or coaching as an expression of achieving your highest and best, supporting others, contributing to your local community, and make the world a better place, attend this review of life coaching as a practice and how to maximize efficacy in a world that needs your skills now more than ever. All attendees will becoming a life coach, verified to possess core skillsets and will be certified to practice as a life coach.
The Olympia Center, 222 Columbia St NW RM 200, Olympia