Leveling Up Your Professional Reiki Practice

  • Level up your skills as an energy worker – Expand your skills and practices by adding additional techniques to your Reiki toolbox
  • Connect and bring value to more clients – Increase your reach and market share with these simple tricks used by professional healers
  • Open your work to abundance through harmonious value exchange – Allow increasing energetic and monetary rewards for practicing Reiki

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Date: January 11th, 2021

Time: 1:11 PM PST

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Event Speakers

David M Masters

“FREE Lightning Reiki Attunement”

Receive your virtual attunement for the Lightning Reiki plug-in. You must be a Reiki Master to receive the Lightning Reiki plug-in to enhance your Reiki practice, enabling you to do deep emotional work in minutes without unearthing buried trauma.

“Expand your practice to emotional healing”

As Reiki Masters, you already know Reiki is the premier holistic healing modality that deals with whatever ail your clientele. Use the Lightning Reiki plug-in to expand your market to include any type of victims of any kind of abuse that want to take their life back.

“Release your abundance blocks with Lightning Reiki”

Get ready to take your Reiki practices and your life to the next level to enjoy the abundance of love, joy, health, and wealth with Lightning Reiki.

Rosa M Luna

“Adding the ‘Healing Egg’ Practice to your Reiki Services”

Learn how to use the ancient “Curandera Barrida de Huevo” practice of energy sweeping your clients. This ancient technique of traditional native healers is a powerful method to add to any energy healing practice.

“Bilingual Expansion”

Double your potential reach through the community by adding a second service language. Learn how to effectively communicate with clients for whom English is a second language.

“Raise Your Price”

A culmination of the first three topics, Rosa discusses how you can charge more increasing the value of your services. By adding service languages and employing additional methods, such as the healing egg, you can charge more per visit while providing even more value to your clients.

Daniel Mark Schwartz

“Energy work for victims of narcissist, sociopaths, and psychopaths”

Victims of abusers with a narcissistic personality disorder or other antisocial personality disorders (psychopaths and sociopaths) are in need of deep healing and are rarely assisted by energy workers who can help with the work of overcoming emotional trauma. Learn the best way to approach healing victims of this type with your energy work of choice.

“How to find and heal victims of toxic people”

This module aims to help you connect with clients who have experienced trauma due to abuse from narcissistic, psychopathic, antisocial, or other forms of toxic people. These types of people rarely seek out energy work on their own. By learning to attract them to your practice, you have the opportunity to grow your client base while doing great good for the community.

“Building a professional practice serving victims of toxic people”

Finally, I will discuss the business aspects of finding and keep clients who are victims of toxic people. Continuing to serve such clients offers its own unique set of challenges. By the end of this talk, you will have the tools to build an abundant and profitable practice.

Wendy Lynn Johnson

“Reiki & Source Energy Therapy can benefit your grieving clients”

Learn how the techniques of Reiki and Source Energy Therapy can be used in tandem to massively amplify your work on clients stricken with grief.

“Networking with a Reiki circle”

Learn how to connect and recruit clients through the use of a Reiki circle.

“Reiki and an energy exchange”

Key to an abundant Reiki practice is a proper energy exchange with our clients. Learn how being accepting of the good our clients can do for us is just as important as doing good work for our clients. And, how resisting energy exchange may be hampering your growth as a reiki practitioner.

Juanita Holiday

Juanita holady“Adding natural alternatives to your practice”

Learn how to expand your Reiki practice by adding holistic enhancements that increase benefits to your clients.

“Attract a wider audience holistically”

By adding additional holistic services, we can attract an even wider and more diverse clientele. Learn how natural alternatives can get your energy work out to a larger crowd.

“Increase your revenue by incorporating natural healing products”

By auditing additional products and services to your practice, you are opening the door to greater revenue and abundance. Both physical products and services work best when they are sold together.

Lolo Lesser

lolo lesser empatharian“Grounding your practice with movement meditation”

Discover a new and exciting revival of an old form of movement meditation, that adds life and interest to any Reiki or energy work practice. Use these techniques to both better yourself as a lightworker, and to teach to clients who can benefit from this practice.

“Teaching chronic fatigue clients energy-generating with Empatharian Movement”

Empatharian movement is a powerful technique to give to clients who have chronic fatigue. In this session, you will learn how to attract and keep an even greater client base, by employing this power antidote to tiredness and lethargy.

“Creating a working, teaching, training Emptharian practice with movement”

This final session covers how to build a well-rounded professional practice the includes Empatharian as one of its core pillars.

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