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Healing Crystal Therapy

Just about every culture on every landmass in the world has had at one time (past and present) a belief in the power of crystals, gems, and stones. Whether it’s healing power, mystical psychic power, or used to conduct and focus power, crystals have held a place of reverence, mystery, and awe in both the mind of modern and primitive humankind. These beautiful gems have been used for a variety of reasons both mundane and spiritual, everything from tools, jewelry to talisman and amulets. The history of Crystals can be fascinating and mysterious in regards to the Emerald Tablet, the Breastplate of Aaron in the bible, the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skulls, to the more modern metaphysical beliefs in witch-craft such as crystal ball gazing, cord-cutting, wands, and pendulums.

Today we use crystals as tools for cutting, lasers, solar cells, semiconductors to name a few. While the western world may use diamonds in engagement and wedding rings, this wasn’t always the case, different stones/crystals/gems held differing spiritual properties thought to enhance human virtues. For example, in India men would give their betrothed moonstone believing it held qualities of fidelity and aroused passion. Rose quartz is believed to enhance one’s love and affections while also having the power to heal broken hearts. Jet has been worn as a protective amulet and is also thought to have purifying and healing powers for those grieving.

By learning the healing properties of Crystals, you can put to use that knowledge to improve your life on many levels as well as helping others. Many of those believing in the power of natural gems have put together a combination of stones for protective pouches while traveling, dispelling negativity, shielding themselves around energy vampires in the workplace, manifesting their personal/professional goals, and even gridding their homes for security, peace, and harmony. Many even enjoy charging their water with the essence of their favorite crystal to enhance beauty and vitality.

If you’re already a practitioner, add this healing modality to your practice to expand and improve your services. Crystals can be used to enhance your Tarot readings helping you to connect to your spirit guides, clear energy after readings and to boost and strengthen your third eye. Crystals are also known to help balance your Chakra centers; learn which crystals work best to strengthen and heal your Chakras from Root to Crown for yourself and/or your clients. Some Aromatherapists like to create their own blends and place a small crystal in the bottle to further charge the oils with added spiritual properties.

In this course, we’ll be covering the following:

• Cultural History
• Finding Ethically Sourced Crystals
• How Crystals can help you
• Crystal Profiles
• Colors and Uses for your Charkas
• How to combine Crystals with other healing modalities
• Crystal Gridding & Beginner’s Kit
• Using Crystals to Heal/Balance/Infuse
• How to Cleanse and Care for you Crystals
• Talismans and Amulets
• Empaths and Crystals
• Crystal Jewelry/Wands/Pendulum
• Metaphysical Properties
• Myths and Legends surrounding Crystals
• And more…

Instructor: Amy Elmore