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Reiki Certification Course

Did you know that Reiki is a growing energy-healing therapy that is now being used in hospitals around the world? Patients who receive Reiki prior to having medical procedures are reported to have easier and quicker recovery time. Many hospitals and medical clinics, not only in Europe but in parts of the US, have a variety of healing touch practitioners located within the facilities. Reiki can be used to both treat hospice patients as well as the health care workers and family members, to ease the patient and restore healthfulness and used as a form of self-care for the health care worker/family member.

Also, you can use Reiki on not just people, but animals, plants, even your home? Are you interested in opening your own unique Reiki practice? Or perhaps adding an additional modality to your existing practice whether it’s massage, yoga, therapy, pet grooming, aromatherapy, healing therapies, meditation, etc. The possibilities are as limitless as your imagination. This universal energy healing modality can be used alongside modern medicine to improve mental health, heart health, pain relief, and emotional trauma recovery just to name a few.

Reiki: Rei means universal and ki means life energy. This universal life force energy flow is an ancient Eastern energy healing therapy and was at one time only available in Japan (practiced only by Japanese practitioners) and taught only to a select minority who were required study and practice for years under their masters before getting their first attunement to practice on their own. Even the symbols of Reiki were secretive and forbidden to write down or share with anyone outside Reiki circles. Fortunately for us today Reiki has made its way to the States and around the world becoming accessible and affordable to all.

In this Reiki course you will learn:

• Reiki History
• Who is Mikao Usui
• Other Reiki Styles
• Reiki Principles
• Levels of Reiki, I, II, III
• Reiki hand positions
• Reiki Symbols and how to use them
• How to give Reiki treatments
• How to incorporate Reiki into other practices
• How to use Reiki in your daily life
• Reiki benefits
• Tools and techniques
• Receive Reiki 1 attunement

While Reiki is a growing therapy practice used to help others on their healing journey, that doesn’t mean that one has to study and practice Reiki for the purpose of going into business and becoming a professional practitioner. You can take this class for your own personal improvement and development. Reiki can be practiced for your self-care and personal use: charge your water and meals to raise the vibration and vitality, send Reiki to your wallet, workspace and vision boards to encourage success for financial and personal goals. You can also use Reiki on your home, bed, and car to dispel negative energy and set protective barriers. If your family members or pets are not feeling well you can give them a Reiki treatment to open the flow of this amazing universal healing energy. Reiki can be used to ease anxiety and stress, aches and pains; it boosts relaxation and restores emotional well-being just to name a few benefits.

Instructor: Amy Elmore