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Making a Living from the Homestead

Okay, you want to be off-grid, under the radar, but you’re still going to need cash-flow. Where will it come from how and will you manage it?

By attending my Making a Living from the Homestead workshop, you will be able to overcome the obstacles which have been holding back your personal flow of cash. These various cash-flow strategies include those supported by Internet technology which requires online access and a device to access the services as well as those which are completely disconnected from the World Wide Web.

We understand how important it is for you to be independent and sustainable without being plugged in, though there are two camps on either end of the off-grid spectrum, those who are somewhat connected, and those who are not, at all. And in between those two extremes there exists a continuum which includes varying degrees of connectedness.

The Making a Living from the Homestead course includes a vast variety of business types and styles with a spectrum of protection, and only you can decide what format will apply best to supporting your right to independence as you see fit to your unique circumstances.

Many students are surprised to discover there are so many ways to conduct business while protected by your human (and/or non-human) rights. Most Americans are unaware of all the different types of entities which are available, as only those who are “in the know” are aware of.

The most powerful individuals in the United States are aware of these, while the rest of us (including our attorneys) only knows of a few. Once you have this knowledge, it can be life-changing and priceless as a part of your off-grid toolbox.

Once you have your structure in place there are many ways you can generate cash flow. No matter how disconnected you desire to be from the greater community, you will need money to survive sustainably and thrive.

Some use the power of the Internet, others, not so much. So, you decide from hundreds of methods, which are best for you and yours.

Bartering service-for-service and/or product-for-product will get you so far, but far from thriving unless you are controlling the lion’s share of all the products and services in your network yourself. Trading is not a significant component of the “Living” referred to in the “Making a Living from the Homestead” course while creating multiple streams of cash-flow is the primary focus.

There are many resources required for the basic family unit to thrive, and cash money is by far the best way to grease the wheels of the machine which feeds the family unit.

It is highly unlikely that you can trade organic squash or farm fresh eggs to cover insurance costs or property taxes.

But you do not have to take a job working for the man.

David M Masters
David M Masters

You can establish your independence off-grid, make a living from the homestead, have all the cash-flow you need, and thrive by having access to these powerful tips, tools, and techniques.

Instructor: David M Masters