Military Service Stress Reduction

The military way of life undeniably leaves a permanent mark on those of us and our loved ones who gave them selves in service. Whether activity duty or veteran; combat duty or not; old or young; these broad range of techniques taught in this course are the natural self remedy to military stress and PTSD.

A Comprehensive Solution to Post-Military Disorders

Having seen everything from vitamins to dog surfing being prescribed to military members in need of assistance, no one idea has hit the mark. This course achieves stress reduction through a one of a kind mix of physical, dietary, bio-energetic, psychological, mental, and martial arts training techniques. Pulling from a wide variety of Eastern and Western practices, special forces training, and cutting edge exercise science, this course offers a quick and welcome respite from the stress, anxiety, depression, and physical injury born of military service.

Overcome Depression, Anxiety, and Excessive Stress

Just looking at the rate of suicide alone, our veterans and military members need support. In this course we will learn and practice techniques drawn from everyone from power lifters to karate masters, special forces commandos to eastern yogis:

  • Direct breathing techniques taught to Navy Seal candidates
  • Stretches to reduce neuromuscular fatigue
  • Buddhist meditation secrets for focus and calm
  • Neurolinguistic programming to overcome traumatic events

Beat Alcoholism and Addiction

Many of your young men and women leave the service substance abuse issues and alcoholism. This often serves as a poor method of dealing with stress, that can be overcome in this course. In addition, we cover a power method to beat addiction and get your life back on track.

Sleep Better

Sleepless night come part in parcel with the stress and depression born of military service. Here we cover a power 10 part technique derived from US Navel research to sleep well and sleep deeply that covers:

  • How to set up your bedroom for a full night sleep
  • A power nightly routine to beat insomnia
  • A sleep remedy that isn’t a sleeping pill
  • How to know when you are sleeping enough, but not too much

Deal with Family Stress

For many service people, their issues with pain and depression began years ago in childhood, long before any symptom. Ubiquitous in all branches of the military “daddy issues” and childhood trauma may be the secret cause of your suffering. With psychological techniques straight of America’s top universities, we teach you how to:

  • Discover the hidden sources of stress
  • Evaluate “scripts” and “broken records” that play in your head
  • Confront your issues head on through direct intervention
  • Rewrite your story the way you want it to be
  • Discover your life’s purpose

Heal Injury and Trauma

Extreme emotional and physical demands encountered during military service always leave a physical mark. Whether you have been diagnosed or not, we help you root out any injury and trauma that may be lurking in your body. We cover:

  • How to evaluate yourself for muscular imbalance
  • A complete corrective exercise / weight lifting routine
  • Releasing physical stress in the neck, shoulders, and all around the body

Grow and Succeed as a Civilian

The harsh love and brash camaraderie of military service is like no other, and often veterans find themselves having difficulty fitting in to the “soft” civilian world. In the final part of the course, we cover exactly how to readjust and excel outside the military:

  • Three tools to communicate effectively with civilians
  • How to set goals you will accomplish
  • Discover your life purpose
  • Develop a plan for wealth and prosperity

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