Transforming Holiday Trauma


Free event. The holidays can be a time of love and a time of stress. Join us to hear from four expert speakers on ways that you can keep happiness in the holidays.
The Olympia Center, Downtown Olympia, Rm 103. Free parking.
November 16th, 2019

9:00 am – Surmounting Occupational Stress

“A Practical Approach to Financial Security”

Finances are the cause of so much friction in the holidays, leading to extreme pressure at work and at home. The key to living a fulfilling lifestyle is to reevaluate your priorities and take a proactive approach to secure sustainability, resiliency, and happiness for you and your family.

9:45 am – Learn to release your trauma this holiday season

We will go through a process of releasing trauma, bringing in love and courage as well as a zest for life as we close the door to the past and look to our bright future

10:30 am – Sending Love to the World

In a world that has gone mad in many ways, leaves so many depressed, hurting, broken, suffering, and even suicidal, the time of year that so many people commit suicide, when incredible love and charity are thick in the air. You can join us this holiday season and make a difference by sending love to the world and make the world a better place in just a few minutes throughout the holidays. It’s free, and your love could help save the life of someone in need. Start a new tradition, help spread the word and send love to the world this holiday season.

11:15 am – Being alone through the Holidays

Everyone you know is getting together with family for the Holidays. You don’t have, can’t or don’t want to be with family. This can bring up deep loneliness. Get 3 Keys to Creating Joyful Oneness in your Holiday Experience alone.

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  1. I’m a survivor of sex trafficking a community leader and devout Catholic, due to epilepsy I’m currently unable to drive, I would love to attend this do you have any provision for transportation I live in downtown Seattle

    Thank you

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