From Surviving to Thriving

FREE event! Four expert speakers giving their own unique takes on what it means to go beyond the ordinary day to day existence of just scraping by, and accelerate your life to where you are truly thriving. Thriving means realizing your full potential in healthy, work, love, and family. Open to anyone interested in achieving a better lifestyle through self development.

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9:00 am – Bring Balance into your life

Wendy Lynn Johnson

By Defining what balances looks and feels like to us personally, we can learn how to bring it into existence. Join me in creating some balance in life. place in perfect harmony as you leave behind the struggle of just getting by and surviving to thriving in your own recreation.

9:45 am – Being with our families over the Holidays.

Mark Siedler and Lynetta Avery

You left your family to create your own. You know how to take of yourself, but when you’re with your family, you get triggered. They know how to push your buttons like no one else can. Get the 3 Transformational Keys to Remaining Peaceful amongst the chaos in your family.

10:30 am – Recreating Your World

David M Masters

What if you create your world… every detail of it? Sounds preposterous, right? Join author and transfiguration specialist, David M Masters on a journey to put you behind the wheel of your life, as you learn how to navigate and actually recreate your own experience and the world around you from scratch. Recreation changes the world around you, by recreating the one thing that transforms everything, YOU. See your hopes, dreams, desires, and the world around you fall into place in perfect harmony.

11:15 am – Securing your Future

A plan for off grid resilience and sustainability

Daniel Mark Schwartz

Thriving is the results of planning ahead, and taking definitive actions to secure your access to basic necessities like clean water, healthy organic food, essential amount of electrical power, and heat for your home. In this talk, I layout exactly the steps you need to take to build and actually live a secure, happy, and healthy future “off the grid”.


Produced in conjunction with Off Grid Permaculture and Mark and Lynetta

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