Kinesiology Practicum

Kinesiology Practicum

The Kinesiology Practicum (KP) is a comprehensive study in the advanced consciousness of the power of Kinesiology used in the healing arts. KP is based on the collective body of work that is used in a variety of therapeutic and military applications.

Kinesiology widely used in physical treatment arts (biological and physiological treatment and rehabilitation, chiropractic, sports medicine) taps into a powerful force that far supersedes accepted knowledge.

Students will discover and harness the power of consciousness via muscle-testing to determine what is beneficial and/or detrimental to anyone at any time. This can be applied to activities, vocations, foods, allergens, relationships, used in healing practices and/or divining truth vs. lies (yes, used in law enforcement, as an infallible lie detector test).

Many everyday practical applications will be disclosed as students are empowered with these tools and techniques that require no additional electronic or mechanical equipment to achieve the highest levels of proficiency and accuracy.

Be prepared to have your knowledge base expand as you understand and grasp the expansive possibilities that emerge from this science of muscle-testing and a deeper understanding of the spectrum of consciousness.

The complete course consists of 16 modules, including:

1. Consciousness & Energy
2. Creating Matter
3. Subconscious Power
4. Vibration Matching
5. Cross-communication
6. Tapping into Highest Truth Source
7. Questions = Answers
8. Universal Knowledgebase
9. Personal Integration
10. Muscle Testing
11. Truth Divination
12. Infallible Proof
13. Spatial Irrelevance
14. Seriously
15. Relational Time
16. Collective Anonymity

The course is suitable for experienced practitioners of energetic healing arts and non-practitioner individuals who are well established on a path of personal development, emotional maturity and the evolution of consciousness.

16 1 day modules at $295.00 each = $4,720.00 or complete program (accelerated) $1,497.00.

Contact St Paul’s Free University for more information.

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