Just Us League

September 12, 2021

In attendance: David M Masters, Daniel Mark Schwartz, David Roi Gibson

DRG notes how most people who go to college never finish. DMS notes they partied (which was their chief intent). We need to keep in mind that this is not just education.

DRG: The idea behind gamification is education, DMS: motivation, and sales, DRG: and engagement. DMS: This is a challenge because they are using a computer on the Internet and there is a lot of competition for attention and distraction.

DRG: It’s all about how you play the game, some players will go out and accomplish all hundred tasks of a mission and turn them in 10 at a time, others will go out ten times and accomplish 10 each time, turning them in as they go. DMS: Doing 100 at once is easier and more efficient.

DRG: Part of the game is figuring out how to cheat the system.

DRG: Will bring his gaming computer and set it up for group share next week, on Sept. 19th.

DMS: We should backseat the game while DMM plays. (DMM: Ugh)

DRG: Do we need a graphic designer? DMS: Not right away but we will need it prior to launch. DRG: I am setting aside funding for the graphics because I know it’s going to cost.

DRG: Next 2 weeks, we acclimate DMM to gaming and see what we uncover through that process.

DMM: Key focus is to gain recommitment from all players for forward-moving momentum each and every week.

Consensus: We can do that barring being in other commitments i.e., DMS being in the conference in Florida. So, we can arrange the time to accommodate everyone, if at all possible.

Next week: Daniel will have a basic working model for the game face. Thinking about gamification vocabulary, DRG will participate. DRG is going to test drive Second Life (which he has never played before and share his evaluations).

DMS: The system will be configurable and customized to users’ data culled from the set-up process, cites Noom.com for collecting user data and gamified product delivery.

September 26 Map out the first five checkpoints. (1st checkpoint setting up your profile, etc.)

August 22, 2021

David M Masters, Daniel Mark Schwartz, David Roi Gibson

The world is a crazy place. We can make a difference. “I don’t want to write a book” (DRG) but I do want to connect with people who want help elevating their business profits and bottom line.

Confirmation of project to focus on Reiki marketplace, specifically targeting people with Reiki certification who are not practicing but would like to make money (without focussing on $) while helping people in their community (and beyond).

Clients do not care about the “how.” i.e., the Reiki directory and/or auxiliary content site. (Exclude this from the presentation,)

They do not care about writing SEO content.

DRG thinks it is premature to move forward with what we have (no functioning gamified program).

Test group (the current group) is testing some of the principles, not working great.

Daniel says we ween icons/images/visuals of some kind for the program.

Videos need to be created.

DRG can make the instructional videos if he is told what to do them on. (Wanting a list of videos.)

DMS says we need to figure out the point system.

DRG tells DMM he is authorized to write the scripts but not disseminate the material. DRG will make the videos, focussing on what the customer wants, not what we are doing. Spinning the original content.

DRG needs a script for the first seven days of videos to create at least one week’s worth. When we have the first 7 days in the can, we can move forward.


DMS Free webinar leads to $7 product funnel w/email drip.

Presentation handled by DRG and DMS, w/DMM as the referenced expert.


July 25, 2021

David M Masters, Daniel Mark Schwartz, David Roi Gibson

DRG suggests spending the first week (7 days*) moving through the process of teaching each segment of building a blog post daily, so by the 8th day they can write a good blog post.

* = Not days, Milestones.

The value of this blog post is $110.

DMS blog post format:

  1. Title
  2. Introduction
    1. Replicate title/keywords
    2. Expertise
    3. Intrigue
  3. Answer
  4. Foreward

H1, H2, H3   –   Bold, Italic, etc…   –   Bullet lists   –   Links

SEO Score   –   Keywords


Gating used to manage players between modules.

Fill-in-the-blank article creation.

DMS No one person should “own” an article, components could be split amongst several people.

We can show a progress meter and Score that raises as they build the article content.

DRG: Gold coins, Diamonds, Points

DRG volunteers to be the guinea pig this week to progress through the 7-day (milestone) process. Results to follow

July 18, 2021

David M Masters, Daniel Mark Schwartz, David Roi Gibson

Pricing case study where people could buy 1 item for $75 for digital only, $125 for print and digital version. 70% chose cheaper option. Next round, added a third option:$75 for digital only, $125 for print only, and $125 for print and digital version. Increased $125 purchase to 35-40%.

Daniel shares Octolysis

The 8 motivations that people have in games, or life in general.

The idea of building this platform is to teach anyone anything. Sales and Marketing, or Reiki I, II, III, or whatever. Just change the skins and the rewards. Fill-in-the-blanks, plug, and play.

One system is teaching them something and another is teaching a process, and one could be both.

Daniel: They are building their portfolio of pages and funnels.

DRG wants to retain the visual game representation.

Medium already pays authors a percentage of what their content earns.

DMM: Shares idea about making a game map based on life events of grandchildren and put on a webpage. DMS suggests a poster might have more impact.

DRG: We need to start using the project management tools now. Take the work we’ve already done, and start building a framework. Use the basic structure we have now and build upon it.

DMS: Morph the class we have now into the 30-day model. The SEO Course is just the SEO course.

About an hour a day to achieve a meaningful objective in the real world.

DMM: Blog post + another activity that builds credibility and authority score, increasing your value.

DMS: Too abstract/vague. Overall, we will increase your earning.

DRG: “My head hurts.” Stop talking, like that. The 2 things people want is traffic and click-through. It doesn’t matter what we do. The structure is more important and needs to be made first, then it doesn’t matter what you do. My choice is SEO because we have the experts to do that right now. Where the content goes doesn’t matter. We change it if it feeds our site, or theirs.

How to Make Money Online in 30 Days was where we started.

1) 30 Days to Make Money Online. 2) How to make more money online. 3) How to make a lot of money online.

Use ASANA for project management.

July 11, 2021

David M Masters, Daniel Mark Schwartz, David Roi Gibson


DMM shares excitement over offering prizes (real and digital) for “points” earned in doing the work.

Daniel introduces his primal vision of the Gamification Project with a visual representation:

There are a lot of game models that are free to play and pay to win.

Following the engine build, changing the skins is easy to apply to different projects and scenarios.

Regular tasks should come first, followed by new tasks for each round.

Example: If you do a post (500 words) you get 3 points. The first one of the day, you get 2 bonus points.

DMS says you should accrue points, but you must complete a task (or a series of tasks) to claim the points.

DRG demonstrates how games work in the real (not) world.

Moving from days to checkpoints.

Remember: We don’t take away points, we offer the ability to earn bonus points.

Using Reiki Directory as an example, people pay $7 to learn how to earn money now, upsell for more, then even more? They are making their own course and using blog posts to raise their credibility while you are building your funnel in 90 days. Reiki people want clients, we are helping them attract new clients.

We’re building a list of providers. (Directory) We’re not telling them to create a business or website. They will need an address for search results, a phone number, and a contact email. That’s about it.

DMS: Most people will not need local listings because the bulk of what they do can be done anywhere. For those channels that are geographically specific, we would approach those websites differently.

We’re not going to lead with “We’ll teach you all this stuff.”

“You’re going to play a game and get points.” That’s it.

People have a tendency to drop out. Gamification, Game Theory, and Game-based Training combine to create a gameplay that impacts the life of the player in a positive way as a byproduct of playing the game.

Add subscription-based social media platform, that allows people in the same channel to communicate, and also cross-platform with other disciplines.

Small to medium-sized businesses just cannot do training, this makes training quick, easy, and painless (plus it’s addictive).

Game examples to try: Homescapes, Clash of Clans

DRG will get a game we all can play to get the idea.

Micro reactions = micro rewards. Macro reactions = macro rewards.

Apps have notifications that will keep “players” up to date with push notifications.

There are many game-playing types of players from minimalist to completionist.

The whole group moves together in stages. If your whole group gets past a certain stage, they get a bonus.

They earn rewards but they don’t get the best rewards until they get their whole group through.

The word we live in is based on microtransactions and instant gratification.

Employee of the Month Reward = Game theory applied to work. You have minimum standards to meet. i.e., 7 seconds to fill an Amazon box, or you’re gone.

Should we, or should we not, be subscription-based entry or free-to-play. Free to play will build social mechanisms quicker. 100% commission model? (Encourages them to build their own groups.)

Self-perpetuation. People who play will sell the platform, and build their own gamified projects!

How to Monetize Your Gaming would be a good platform.

Daniel has been watching people on Twitch. You learn a lot, and it would be cool if people speed-played our stuff on there.

Project Management

We are trying out Asana. DRG is getting project management certification in SCRUB.

Current QYJFL 19-week Program

To continue the group: Turn on gamification, prerecord the training. Break down into 2-5 minute videos.

Discord is far superior to Facebook as a communication platform, especially since FB is eliminating privacy. More powerful, has video chat, you can upload and share documents, etc…

FB is not working. The only people using it are us and the girls.

Support / Help

Instead of asking Daniel for help, they should be posting help questions in the group. Ideally, the group would handle the bulk of the support (builds relationships as well).


Transition to a non-time-limited course, because no one could possible publish on time. So, we create the tasks, and they move through them at their own pace.

Live Event?

Give a limited amount of time to volunteer to appear, provide their topic title, description, speaker bio, and headshot.


June 27, 20210

David M Masters, Daniel Mark Schwartz, David Roi Gibson


Higher Learning Institute = main brand – DMM files registration this week.

DMM: Creates a list of milestones for gamification

DG will create sample Doodle videos (software makes it easy) it will convert photos to characters. Has canned music to create excitement



Daniel: This week will put together a minimal Tech Demo for this stuff

  • The front page is like a map.
  • Map of the journey has each step along the path of the journey.
  • A group Icon surrounded by individual smaller icons walking along the map.
  • If they are behind/struggling, a warning bubble can appear
  • At the top are your stats
  • They watch the video and get the points
  • They will need a text editor for their post
  • At the bottom of the page is a list of the posts they have written.
  • A life bar will go down if you haven’t logged in for a day. Don’t login for a week your character gets knocked out (unconscious – not dead)
  • The team earns points for reviving an unconscious teammate


Daniel List

1. Reiki Channel
2. Marketing for Small Businesses
3. Audio Book Creation
4. Real Estate
5. Concealed Cary/Home Defense
6. Crowdfunding (how to)
7. Dating (late 30s-40s women) for Marriage
8. Green Living
9. Single Moms
10. Native American Shamanism Alternative Healing
11. New Age for Children Channel (Reiki Moms)
12. YouTube Video Production for Extreme Beginners

DMM List

1. Entrepreneurialism
2. Business
3. Spirituality
4. Metaphysical
5. Therapeutic Science
6. Alternative Science (Beyond Science Labs)
7. Health and Wellness
8. Web Mastering
9. Digital Marketing
10. College of Life Science
11. Tech College
12. Write Your Book

David Gibson

1. 12 Laws of Karma for Business/Samurai/ (Sales/Marketing/Leadership) Mindful Business (Ethical/Spiritual)
2. Why Would You Want to Write Your Own Book? (What’s your why?) Drill down to the 7th why.
3. Spiritually and/or Ecologically Aware Approach to Anything (Travel, Cooking, etc…)
4. Alien Technology (UFOs, Aliens) “Star Trek Society”
5. Catastrophic Success: 5,100 Millionaires and Richest in the World Net Worth Doubles due to the Pandemic
6. Future Envisioning: How to Create the Future You Desire
7. Bucket List is Done: What Next? (What if you have no reason to live?) No “why”
8. Natural Foods and Hallucinogens
9. Animal Rescue (dog breed, cats, others)

We would create websites for a particular channel where we could rank well.

Potential Improvements for QYJFL

Students would create the content. Authors get SEO credit for writing for a highly ranked site (with a link-back).
We could provide the article titles.
We could reduce the QYJFL course to 30 days. 2 1,500 word articles a week.
15-20 minutes a day of web class
Where’s the reward (dopamine) hit from doing something?


You get points for something which can be cashed-in for something.
There could be teams that could work together to earn points (competing)
Completing tasks or quests along the way.
Quest Map
All students in 1 place, and you can see the progress of others (and you may offer to help someone else out for points)
Create add-ons or extras that have a point value, that students can spend their points on.
Players can spend points on worthless merch (if they want), or other related stuff (title, post, review, input, comment, image)
We can give them a prewritten template (PLR) that they can modify and make their own, instead of writing from scratch.
Course Upsells Extend the Quest Map
Digital Product in 28 days or 4 Weeks
We could write our own AIO SEO (more relative) score app (earn more points)
We can ask students what they want to use their points on?
Some things you can only get with points, and other things you can pay $ for.
We will need a graphic artist to work with us on this.
DG has animated Doodle for short video instruction creation.
The goal is to have a product in 30 days.
The game gives ’em 4 titles to choose from, which rotates through all the titles that were preselected for SEO
We need a map of what the quest would be
A list of projects and point values
“The value of community in this is huge.” -DG (from working together and helping each other out for 30 days)
No more than 7 participants per game.
Group leaders will self-select.
There will be a chat feature in the group.
Maybe use points to have us help them set up an affiliate account or something that’s tied to what they’re trying to sell.
We want everyone to make it all the way through
If someone drops out, they can get an email, “Sorry you didn’t make it, but this one time, we will let you strt over again for free” (series of emails, like that)
They should get a physical thing once a week or near the end (cheap)
The team that wins could get a prize or certificate (something) MP3 player, shirt, hat, etc… maybe everyone who finishes would get branded merch.
If your team meets the requirements, you get a bonus.
Create an Alumni Group $5 membership site, where they can congregate with other members.

They are playing a game and learning by accident.
They should be able to complete the whole thing by themselves (without the team) or with the team
If someone finishes early, they can come back and check-in for extra points
1 or 2 daily tasks which only appear each day (something easy to do) “daily cooldowns” if you don’t do it by 6 p.m., you can’t do it again until the next day.
Grammarly has a plagiarism checker. If it fails, you kick it back and tell them to fix it.
There has to be some manual intervention for quality control.
Limit to 1 article in review at a time, if they’re doing great, we can raise their throughput

June 20th, 2021

David M Masters, Daniel Mark Schwartz, David Roi Gibson


QYJFL 6 months and 6 payments
Create a better avatar for suspects
Promote Lifestyle not system details
3-step funnel $7 (make some $) / $295 (make more $) / $1997 (make a lot of $)
Physical Product Affiliate Program (mfgs) feeds students
Backup private group system

Q: Should we avoid marketing to people w/reinforced failure?
Q: Is SAMCart a better option than ClickFunnels

Advantageous to use ClickFunnels (CF) for students (they provide support)

The last week of the course, they spend 1 week to load CF and make $ before the free trail is up (2 weeks)

If the upsell is coaching program and they bail, the CF goes down. Nothing left.
Teachers could take on course that someone else had abandoned

Do we need evergreen products?

The St Paul’s part is hard to explain.

The QYJFL is an excellent pre-qualifier for SPFU

Why would someone want to come into St Pauls?

We need to reorganize QYJFL because we are teaching them too much.
Instructors get 50% SPFU gets 50% and they don’t have to deal with the pain of “the baby”
Do we have two different kind of people that we are marketing to? (the hands-off creative/the DIY entrepreneur)
We want to be able to cross-promote to everyone who has ever take a course (except for the stuff they promote on their own)
We promote it, we make 50%, you promote it, you keep it all.
Might be a problem publishing everyone’s funnel in one CF account.
David suggests:
Pay for the course & become an expert
We promote and sell the course and we pay you (50%)
Master’s experience, when they drop out,
(a) They own dot coms, sites go dead, all the work is gone.
(b) I own the dot coms, I have a good traffic site, but have lost the key personality.
Would like to have SPFU end up with a product to sell
Why would someone want to be a part of St Paul’s?

Masters likes the idea of looking through the SPFU and “I can teach any of these courses I want to.”
(But that’s not the type of people we are attracting – They’re afraid to promote their own courses.)

John Maxwell model shared. (Note JM people are not creating the material)

We told the people coming in that they could find people to pay them to certify and do what they are doing.

How can we keep people in this group ties to SPFU?

Masters wants to retain the intellectual property, Schwartz is of the mind that we should have a compelling enough offering to entice instructors to stay.

How do we create a tribe that would not think of leaving or going on their own?
We shouldn’t be teaching the “how.” They don’t need us.
They don’t need to know SEO, have LLCs, business accounts, Stripe accounts. We do all that.
We want you to quit your job for and continue to need us.

Schwartz: Until now we have been reaching out to people who wanted to be independent. Gibson: That’s not a sustainable model. Gibson suggests marketing to content creators and digital marketers (or those who possess other skillsets our organization and content creators need). Creating a secondary market for people who want to work from home but don’t want to write a book. They do their part from home and get a piece of the action (10% or whatever)

Focus on what you’re good at and let someone else to do the rest.
We’re bringing people into our system and matching them with others who have complementary skills.
Schwartz suggests outsourcing instead of “bringing someone in.” That seems overwhelming to manage.

When an instructor comes in, who selects the topics written about? Schwartz: It should be us (from an SEO perspective).

We pull out the business structure, bank account, SEO, etc.

We pick the 15 areas where we want to dominate the market. SPFU creates the magazines – online marketing materials – dot-coms, that’s where we publish the articles.
When someone bails, we just replace him/her with another expert.

We can provide an incoming pre-expert with mostly written content for a book from SEO content or PLR basis.
We identify the content, and still fill-in-the-blanks, create the videos.

This week’s challenge: Each of us come up with 15 topics we want to dominate

We pull out the business structure, bank account, SEO, etc.
Start establishing Higher Learning Institute

June 12, 2021


David M Masters, Daniel Mark Schwartz, David Roi Gibson

Assorted notes:

  1. Select a Clickfunnel Video to share with DG.
  2.  No can use quityourjobforlife.com on FB
  3. We were cut off at $2.78 into a 4-ad campaign. No data.
  4. Invited 20 personally. We wanted 12, ended up with 9 for the group (including us).
  5. Multiple versions of ads to track results
  6. 19 Week is a lot to ask = overwhelming
  7. An hour a day includes a lot of writing, but it’s not all writing. If you’re not able to dedicate an hour a day you’re not going to be successful
  8. Have you written a book? 90 days from today you could have a book
  9. “Do you want to have a lifestyle that allows you to do what you want to do, take care of your family, have more time, more freedom, more flexibility? All while focussing your attention on things that you are passionate about?” That’s the question. The book and the web posts are all just the methodologies. Those aren’t the goals.
  10. I’d like to be able to take care of my family without having to be gone 10 or 11 hours a day in a job where I deal with jackass customers, working for a boss who’s a psychopath, and all the other reasons
  11. Reaching out to people who want to write a book but haven’t, is only trying to get to people with reinforced failure.
  12. We don’t want to sell the book or the website, we want to sell the lifestyle.
  13. Facebook is getting rid of privacy for private groups
  14. DG Suggests Discord. Daniel: Might bet a tech pushback.
  15. Make money on the Internet or It’s FREE. $20 Course. Fiverr.com Arbitrage
  16. We create a system that expands a business’s sales efforts online and provides an affiliate program. We process sales and pay the vendor with a delay (2 mos.) to allow for returns, chargebacks, etc…
  17. Condense the Quite Your Job Course down to 1 month, tell everything in a month, and the upsell is the “we do this together step-by-step.”
  18. 6 Months BIG PRICE 6 Payments

Actionable Steps

  1. Make Quit Your Job (2 years worth training in) 6 Months. 6 Payments of $xxx.xx
  2. Create a better Avatar for suspects.
  3. Promote “Lifestyle” not system details?
  4. Use 3-step funnel
    1. $7 make money online (make money or get your money back)
    2. Make more money course
    3. We help you make a lot of money
  5. Consider creating a physical products affiliate platform (feeds students and more)
  6. Get a backup Private Group system in place.

Daniel Share Inspirational ClickFunnel Video